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Posted by - July 22, 2009 - Football videos, Liverpool

Liverpool skipper might struggle to explain this one…

As you will have heard, Steven Gerrard is at Liverpool Crown Court this week defending himself against a charge of affray. The Liverpool captain was arrested last December following an incident as he celebrated his side’s victory over Newcastle with friends.

The alleged victim, Marcus McGee, who was widely reported to be a DJ at the time, has since become the man in charge of the iPod playlist at a staff party. The footage above allegedly shows Gerrard and friend John Doran expressing their desire to change the music through the medium of their fists and elbows.

The Guardian reports:

“The prosecution say that six minutes later, he returned to the bar, approached McGee who was sitting alone at the bar and confronted him with the words: “Who the fuck do you think you are?” Steven Gerrard had clearly lost his cool – he was very angry with Marcus McGee.

“One of Gerrard’s friends. John Doran, pushed McGee away and elbowed him in the face. The prosecution claims Gerrard then “totally lost it”.

“Almost immediately after the blow from John Doran, in fact within seconds, Steven Gerrard joined in the attack with a succession of well-aimed uppercut punches, delivered with the style and speed of a professional boxer, rather than professional footballer.

“Ian Smith, another member of Gerrard’s party, joined in. Doran and Smith then kicked McGee.

All of Gerrard’s co-defendants have pleaded guilty leaving just Stevie G seeing events slightly differently. He alleges his punches were delivered in self-defence.

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  • hollis

    Big question is, did he also steal the i-pod?

  • Liverpool Fan

    wich dork wrote this ? dude this is low he’s a great football player better then you’ll ever be beside he hasen’t done anything because he wasn’t drunk ya nit.
    that video is fake rob parker ur a cunt try to research stuff before posting it on ur shit blog

  • Collie

    Hate to tell this but its the real footage. Check the news

  • NickDunmore

    Wow. I had read about Liverpool fans being outside the court with “Gerrard is Inoscent” banners, but I didn’t think that any of them would make it here.

  • A. West

    Speaking as one who knows (former Police officer of MANY years, riot control, Royalty Protection officer, officer attendant for Crown & Magistrates Courts, etc) Steve Gerrard was TOLD to give the only flimsy excuse left to him to produce doubt in a court of law, pleading Self Defence. Well, having reviewed it all, I have to say that Steve Gerrard is lucky that his legal team and reputation found an apparently blind and deaf judge for this case (maybe the judge was drunk as he heard the case and viewed the evidence of the tape, maybe there was an exchange of favours or money made, we’ll never know.)
    Self defence my arse!! Gerrard’s profile is absolutely clear – Footballer, father of two, coward and criminal, a total W**K case. Hope he comes to a bar where I am or some of my friends drink, and he kicks off. He’ll soon find his attitude inserted firmly up his pathetic backside, and will be able to reconsider the woes of life while he limps off to his highly paid proctologist for treatment. How about a new football chant in the terraces when he plays? “GERRARD IS SCUM. GERRARD IS SCUM.” Soumds great to me, and it’s certainly more acurate than the comments left by the mindless football worshipping cretins who have been posting here previously. :))

  • Dis Gusted

    Totally agree with A West… wonder the kids are all nuts and violent today when they have him to look up to. What verdict was expected when the case was heard at Liverpool Crown Court !!!!!!! say no more. Mind you as previous said there must have been a lot of flights laid on to bring the liverpool fans here !!!!!

  • A. West

    Well, well, what a surprise verdict (NOT). The judge and jury have now set an extended precedent in law. No longer is it permissable only to make a pre-emptive strike once in order to defend yourself when in fear of being imminently assaulted (the law actually dictates that there is in your mind no other option than to strike someone to prevent injury or attack to yourself). Now it’s okay for you to go to someone in a threatening manner, accompanied by FIVE other persons, confront and threaten someone, wait for one of your companions to elbow the person in the face, and while he is covering his face, jump forward (what a brave man Gerrard is!!) hook your left arm over the injured person’s head and pull him forward off balance, and deliver three uppercut punches to the man’s face, breaking skin and knocking out a tooth in that man. At no time is there any move by the man to hit anyone else. Gerrards equally brave mates then continue the assault after this.
    The police felt it was a serious enough issue to charge Gerrard with Affray (this is NOT a lesser offence compared to assault, it’s a more serious offence, that’s why it went to Crown Court not Magistrates). Now the police state it was not a serious issue, just “an arguement over music requests”. Well, CORRUPTION RULES in Liverpool Police, as well as in the Judges chambers and through the jury!! Every right thinking person will be disgusted with this whole matter. the Judge should be sacked, the jury examined and never again be permitted to sit in hearing of any case, and the Police …. well, modern Police in the UK leave me with a less than satisfied taste in my mouth. And when a former police officer is ashamed of Police nowadys, it’s pretty bad!!
    On behalf of all ethical police officers who upheld the law in the past, I would like to apologise sincerely to the gentleman who was assaulted and injured by this collection of Liverpudlian scum, and for being let down by the blatant corruption, dishonesty, and failure to perform duties as displayed by those officials and police who are meant there to protect the citizens of this country.
    If I had the authority I would myself sack all concerned, and order a re-trial in a different area, for Gerrard, with an impartial jury and more educated and aware Judge.