Villarreal tonk part-timers 27-0 in pre-season opener

Posted by - July 20, 2009 - Football videos

Spanish club in football equivalent of bullying

Villarreal got their pre-season under way in style or in bad taste depending on you viewpoint. The La Liga side thrashed amateur side Navata 27-0 in a match that has caused outrage among some online fans.

The Yellow Submarine strikers helped themselves to a hatful, with Jonathan Pereira grabbing seven goals, and Joseba Llorente and Ruben Marcos each scoring four goals apiece.

The scoreline has caused outrage on some internet forums with fans arguing that humiliating a group of part-timers was not really beneficial to anyone. The suggestion is that perhaps Villarreal would have been better displaying their ability to keep the ball and play possession football once the score reached about 9-0.

Do you sympathise with Navata or were Villarreal within their rights to run-in 27?

  • Navata fan

    Urgh what kind of shit webiste is this get a job mate you’re shit im tired of this anti-Navata bias blurgh

  • Rob Parker

    Haha! Very good, whoever’s behind that. It’s not an OTP post without fan boy abuse (even if it is about an obscure Spanish amateur team)!

  • drefooty

    Probably a mistake to schedule this game, but once you start playing it’s on Navata to default the game rather than Villarreal playing keep-away after getting some goals.

    But you have to question why Villarreal would schedule such a game that will not benefit your team and risk injury.

  • David Allison

    It does slighlty reming you of the competitive dad from the Fast Show, slogging sixes all over the park with his two young lads…

  • James

    No sympathy for Navata whatsoever. The club have accepted the proposed friendly, so instead of just turning up, why not bust your bollocks putting in a performance of a lifetime to impress? The fact that Villareal took the game so seriously, like any professional team should regardless of it being a friendly against small opposition, should just spur the Navata players to work even harder.

  • mr samington

    I agree with james I think Navata could do with a leader someone who can spur them on but you don’t find many people like that in a shit side. Navata players should play there heart out becuase this maybe there only chance to shine in front of a top club manager. oh and navata are shit

    I think there must be bald players in the navata side becuase there sweaty oyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy


  • http://www.navata.esp i love navata

    I fucking hate you all for disrespecting my football club. You is all probably niggas or summat, so shut the fuck up and leave my club alone, i’m gonna get mafia on you’s all