Watch out for Fulham players infiltrating your mum’s keep-fit class

Posted by - July 30, 2009 - Fulham

Cottagers turn to Pilates for pre-season fitness

Danny Murphy has revealed Fulham have taken up girly exercise classes to prepare them for the Europa League. The ex-England midfielder and his team-mates have been doing Pilates to improve their endurance for the season ahead.

But Murphy insists that their high-powered intensive brand of Pilates is a far cry from that displayed by hoover-dodging housewives at 10am on Wednesday mornings at you local community centre.

He told The Sun: “We haven’t been here before so there’s a couple of different things we have to cater for. One is getting fitter that bit earlier than normal because you are normally aiming for mid-August to peak at your fitness.

“So we’re doing specialist work, Pilates stuff. It’s not my favourite. I’d rather be doing other things. It’s core work, balancing. Working on making the midriff strong. The lads are getting into it now.

“Ours it at the highest level in terms of intensity. The benefits outweigh doing a 9am class at the local gym with the mums.”

Former GB gymnast Chris Hansen gives Murphy and co their Pilates workout three times a week.

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