Will Michael Owen be signing-on today?

Posted by - July 2, 2009 - Newcastle United

The recession claims another victim

Unemployment figures are up by at least one person today: that scrounging layabout Michael Owen finds himself without work. Jobseekers in North Wales whose local Job Centre is within easy walking distance of a helipad could find themselves in esteemed company this morning since Little Mickey’s Newcastle contract has expired.

So while Karim Benzema wrangles with Owen’s former club Real Madrid over signing-on fees and the rest, the 29-year-old is left with the prospect of signing-on for the dole.

We are kidding, of course. Owen would never lounge around doing nothing and expect to receive a regular income for it. Right, Newcastle fans?

  • http://www.cmdceramics.com Col in Surrey

    Michael Owen was a great player for liverpool, real madrid and england. He’s had a very bad time at Newcastle and has come in for a lot of stick recently. Personally just why he ever signed for them is a mystery to me as just like shearer he’s won nothing with them. However it takes more then one bad striker to get a team relegated and almost all of newcastles team were awfull last season. I think Owen should offer himself to the top six teams from last season on a pay as you play contract for a year as this would take the gamble away from any interested clubs and also give michael the chance to compete for an england place. Im a liverpool fan and grew up watching him bang goal after goal for us and I have no doubt he will play for england again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Bailey/879740166 Matthew Bailey

    As soon as everybody figured out his shtick, it was curtains for Mickey. He’s shown twice now that he’ll move for money, so the only way to try and salvage his career is to take a punt on a side with whom he can really try to shine and let his football do the talking.

    If he makes another move for more money rather than the prestige (as Beckham seems to be realising he probably should have done a while ago) that’ll be it. He’ll be the new Adriano. Or Ronaldo. No, not that one.