Blackburn to ‘kick lumps out’ of Manchester City

Posted by - August 14, 2009 - Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City

David Dunn says Rovers will cut Citeh stars down to size

The Premier League kicks off again tomorrow and it seems that living up to cliches is so in this season. Firstly we had Arsene Wenger proudly confirming that he does see what he doesn’t see and now Blackburn Rovers are freely admitting that their tactics are to kick the other team off the park.

Midfielder David Dunn wants his team-mates to deploy the tactics they perfected under former boss Mark Hughes against his new club Manchester City.

He said: “It’s important we do our best and kick lumps out of them – fairly, of course. We will have to be really aggressive against them and knock them about a bit.”

Fairly, of course? We suspect not. Citeh’s new stars will be hoping that Dunn himself is dishing out the beatings. He would probably stub his toe on the ground and trip himself up in the process…

  • Uarafool

    Oh I think De Jong, Ireland, Zabaleta,Tevez and Dunne may kick dunn’s arse all over he won’t know whats hit him, so l wouln’t worry