Cesc Fabregas sports Barcelona shirt…

Posted by - August 12, 2009 - Arsenal

… and world’s biggest air quotes

Mischievous Spanish journalists have uncovered this photograph of a young Cesc Fabregas in his Barcelona kit and are apparently reporting that the Arsenal man has “Barcelona DNA”.

We love the gigantic air quotes. Perhaps he is saying “cheese” or “queso” to have his photo taken but wants to signify that he is only saying it in a post-modern ironic manner. Or maybe he is quoting the word “dream” for when he is ready to tell Arsene Wenger that it is his “dream” to return to Barca.

Any alternative theories?

  • Stevie Morrow is GOD

    Jeeez – he used to play for them untill age 16.

  • gunnergetcha

    SUCK MY WHAT????

  • http://fcbtransfers.blogspot.com omar

    “Uncovered this photograph”? He has played more games in a Barça shirt than in an Arsenal shirt, so there wasn’t a lot to uncover…

  • mjc

    Interesting (and mildly relevant) fact for the day:
    In Spain they don’t say “cheese” or even “queso” for the camera.
    They say “whiskey”….
    I thank you!

  • wellwellwell

    your not a spurs fan my any chance are you LOL

    as Omar said not hard and not rocket science is it really 😉

  • marts

    lol u think his played over 230 games at Barcelona?? while he was between the ages of like 10-16?? Wtf kind of fairy land are u living in.

  • http://yahoo.com tony montana

    I’m sure the Barca organization still regrets to this day letting him go…can you imagine the kind of dream team Barca would be with him playing from behind Messi or Ibra. Hope they can get him back for this season.