Football soundalikes: Andrey Arshavin and the Compare The Market meerkat

Posted by - August 6, 2009 - Arsenal, Lookalikes

Gunners players find eet’s seemple to mock team-mate

Arsenal players have found a new way to tease Russian team-mate Andrey Arshavin. The squad apparently enjoy joking that he sounds like the Compare The Market meerkat.

A “club source” told The Sun: “A few of the first team lads started it off and now the joke has spread around the whole club. Andrey’s been getting a lot of stick over it but it’s all good banter.”

Arshavin’s colleagues have taken to reciting lines from the adverts’ star, animated meerkat Aleksandr Orlov, whenever the Russian attempts to talk English in his thick accent.

  • Hemma

    It’s not funny.

  • tomcat

    Nope i agree going downhill

  • Aashavin

    It is funny:)

  • Matthew Bailey

    Have you read that article?

    1. They spell Andrei wrong
    2. They get the meerkat’s catchphrase wrong.

    I’d say they were pretty much the two most important parts of the story.