Is your business struggling? Get tips from Juande Ramos

Posted by - August 5, 2009 - Oddballs, Tottenham

Former Spurs boss wants to get your company back on track

If OTP had to choose the meaning of the Juande Ramos Method we would plump for a little-known trance act comprising Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice or an obscure contraceptive technique. Sadly, it is neither of these things but the title of a new business book.

Corporate Reorganization: The Juande Ramos Method is due to hit the shelves of bookshops very shortly. It details how the ex-Spurs manager’s techniques, which were put to textbook use at White Hart Lane, can be transferred to help failing businesses.

According to Ramos’ official website: “The authors have identified some very intriguing methodology techniques that are easily exportable to the business and corporate world with high emphasis on the effects on a short time span.”

The writers spent several months researching Ramos and his methods. No word yet on whether the tips include feeding your staff baby food and cutting your fingernails at work!