Liverpool go top of the table… for stitches

Posted by - August 20, 2009 - Liverpool

Rafa staying at Anfield and cracking injury-related jokes

It turns out yesterday’s Rafa has quit rumours were just that: rumours. Benitez re-affirmed his commitment to Liverpool as victory over Stoke left him in a jovial mood. The Spaniard joked that his side were the Premier League pacesetters when it came to getting stitches.

Fernando Torres received 10 stitches to a head wound after clashing heads with Potters’ defender and reported Rafa-target Ryan Shawcross.

Benitez said: “We are at the top of the table now – for stitches, Carra had 20 on Sunday, Skrtel some more and now Torres, maybe 30 in total – so we are top!“

Responding to yesterday’s whispers that he had walked out on Liverpool, Benitez said the rumours had reached him but there was no truth in them.

He said: “I was told about the rumours, that maybe something happened here at Anfield, but I will tell the fans I want to stay – my commitment is 100 per cent. If I can improve the squad I will be pleased, but if I can’t then I will stay to try and compete with the squad that we have.”


    sigh, looks like we’ll have to endure more stoney-faced interviews from rafa “kwal-lat-tee” benitez.

  • Tash

    ever notice torres looks kinda like bruno?

  • Marianna

    that motherfucker ruined Nando’s face……!!!!!!!!!!!! he should burn in hell!!!! (just joking..i know that he did it accidentally..)


    I enjoyed Rafa’s reaction more than Wenger’s whinge when Shawcross nailed Walcott last season. Maybe Rafa held back a bit as he is looking to bring Shawcross in. Say that, with the Greek lad onboard Liverpool are looking deep enough at the back