Manchester City fan gets tattoo celebrating 2011 Champions League win

Posted by - August 18, 2009 - Champions League, Lookalikes, Manchester City, Oddballs

Stephen Ireland’s craziest move yet?

A crazy Manchester City fan is so confident that silverware is coming his side’s way that he has had a tattoo commemorating the club winning next season’s Champions League. Kirk Bradley, of Birmingham (insert your own joke about there being no City fans in Manchester), decided to backup his mouthy predictions of impending success by getting inked.

The 25-year-old student now has the Champions League trophy and the words ‘Manchester City 2011 Champions League Winners’ tattooed on his upper right arm.

He said: “While I was in the pub one night I was saying how I thought we’d win the Champions League next season and my friend turned to me and said ‘if you’re so sure why don’t you have it tattooed?’

“He was obviously joking, so you can imagine his face when I turned around and said ‘okay then’.

“I really believe we have the quality and ambition to go and achieve the biggest prize out there and I think we can do it that soon. With Mark Hughes at the helm and the money flowing in, we are going to not only challenge the big four, but the whole of Europe as well.

“My mates, who are mostly Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion fans, think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. We’re going to be Champions of Europe and when that happens we’ll see who is laughing then. I was often criticised for being a Man City fan living in Birmingham, but now I don’t think anybody can doubt that I am a true fan.”

OTP reckons you might have overcompensated for a bit of Brummie mickey-taking there, Kirk.

Thanks to OTP reader Tom Commins for the tip.

  • Dublin Kopite

    It’s not a word I like to use too often, but good Lord, what a retard

  • Ab

    I thought it’s Fabian Barthez

  • Matthew Bailey

    So he can afford a tattoo but not the latest City shirt? Manchester is quite a frightening place again – louts dressed up in these new Umbro tops that are seemingly classy, but they’re bald and seething with hatred.

  • Zekky

    Maybe they will qualify for the Europa League by then!

  • Ike

    Gollum has really let himself go

  • Jason

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  • tony montana

    True fans do stupid things for their favorite team….Barthez will be declare a saint if this posibility, although remote was to happen. Good luck Robinho!


    Good lad, I hope Manchester City don’t stray to far from fans like this who will be around longer than the current owners for sure. I’m sure he could turn the trophy into the Johnstone’s Paint cup if things go down hill again. Anyone for that Newcastle United fan with the huge Andy Cole tattoo? Looked a bit silly after the striker signed for Man Utd.

  • PeterVdk

    This guy is clearly
    Barthez and Irelands Love Child

  • Yid Army