Mike Ashley in trouble for selling Hillsborough hate shirt

Posted by - August 21, 2009 - Kitman, Liverpool, Manchester United

Sports Direct apologises for ’96 – Not Enough’ printing

Mike Ashley’s sports shop chain has issued an apology after one of its employees allowed a Manchester United fan to have customised printing mocking the Hillsborough victims on the back of his replica shirt. Colm Jackson had the slogan ‘YSB 96 NOT ENOUGH’ printed at the Sports Direct in the Arndale Centre, in Manchester (which oddly suggests he might be from the Manchester area).

Images of the shirt were uploaded to Jackson’s Facebook profile causing outrage on Liverpool fan sites. The photos were removed by Facebook after a series of complaints, and now Sports Direct have apologised after it became clear they were responsible for the printing.

A Sports Direct spokesman said: “Sports Direct has been notified that an extremely offensive and wholly inappropriate football shirt was printed at one of its stores. The store assistant printed this unknowingly and has been deeply shocked upon being notified of the significance of this and the upset caused.

“Sports Direct has taken immediate action and changed the administration policy for printing football shirts across its store network. With immediate effect, it will only allow printing of current football players names and numbers on football shirts.

“Sports Direct has contacted Facebook to request the urgent withdrawal of this deeply offensive image from the individual’s Facebook page, and is very apologetic for this spiteful and abusive shirt.”

Manchester United had also vowed to revoke Jackson’s season ticket, but had since found out he was not a season ticket holder.

  • Eddie

    I actually thought we in this country were allowed to say/express what we want……….or is that solely the perserve of the muslims minority now !!! The shirt maybe offensive but the guy is entitled to his freedom of speech/expression. Our soldiers are being killed overseas everyday but some within our country can express with impunity their vile hate for them…………..now that I do find offensive ! What measures will we have impossed on them………..NONE !

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    Completely irrelevant racist rant as far as I can see. What does Islam have to do with this guy’s shirt?

    He has freedom of expression: I’m sure he still owns the shirt and is free to wear it wherever he wants.

    But Liverpool fans and anyone with decent levels of taste have the freedom of speech to tell him he’s an insensitive prat (or worse).

  • englandsnumber6

    no one needs to bring this subject up again as it is a very tender subject among scousers, as we all know it was the liverpool fans who were infact to blame for the tragedy, although they will blame the police the politicians or anyone else but themselves.

  • Sam (Man U fan)

    Who cares whos fault it is. Its a horrible thing to have on a shirt.

  • CYPOS4

    I cannot believe the drivel that being written by some of the posters. Completely agree with Rob comments. With regards to scousers sensitivity, they are a right to as anyone with any sense of intelligence can see that the issues relating to this tragedy was mainly to poor crowd control by the police.

    I am neith scouse or mulsim.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Bailey/879740166 Matthew Bailey

    Unfortunately, most people are idiots. The end.

  • Philando Torres

    I’m a Kopite and, quite frankly, I reckon he can do whatever he wants to his rugby league shirt. It does go to show how obsessed Mancs are with us.

    It’s up to him to deal with the consequences of wearing it. I doubt he’ll be wearing it when he’s out and about on his own. Even in Manchester.

    It’s sad and pathetic but we might aswell move on now. No need for mad rants on Islam or quoting The S*n.

  • Ivan Bezdomny

    It has nothing to do with Islam, Mancs, Scousers or anything else like that; it’s about idiocy, insensitivity, ignorance and stupidity. The guy is clearly a cretin, and a Man Utd, Liverpool or fan of any club – with any modicum of sense and decency – would realise that instantly. Football is a game, let’s not forget – life is much more valuable than that. Unfortunately, much as I and many of you love it, the game we love happens to be followed by an inordinate number of utter w*nkers. Sadly, he is yet another example of that.

  • englandsnumber6isatwat

    “no one needs to bring this subject up again as it is a very tender subject among scousers, as we all know it was the liverpool fans who were infact to blame for the tragedy, although they will blame the police the politicians or anyone else but themselves”

    Spoken like a true mingey little prick. I guess you don’t know how to read, or have selective sight. Have you ever heard of the “Taylor Report”? You must Steven Cohen. Sorry about you losing your job on FFF, and sponsors. Maybe you’ll learn Hillsborough is not a joke, or a way to seek publicity!

  • http://www.ifotbol.com/ ifotbol.com

    We are no doubt dealing with a sick person here but that person isn’t Mike Ashley. Ashely hasn’t covered himself in glory during his time at Newcastle but I don’t think he can take the flack for this as well. Do yourself a favour Mike and sell up quick

  • http://yahoo Liam

    I agree with Ivan. Football is football….hatred which is borne from football is one thing, but to trivialise the death of so many people has no place in football. It simply has nothing to do with the game itself, and this also goes for the moronic Liverpool fans, who in the past have trivialised the Munich air disaster. In ridiculing such disasters, you are encouraging people with kindred mentalities to heap ridicule on your own disasters. Whoever is responsible, they need to take a serious look at themselves. I was in the thick of the Hillsborough disaster and I wouldn’t wish it on supporters of any club. The lad who had this shirt printed has demonstrated what a bitter, ignorant guy he is and you can imagine the kind of lifestyle he lives.

    I’m sure that when emotions get high at games, and the beer is doing some of the talking that people take leave of their senses and will say things that they wouldn’t ordinarily say. But this guy has no such excuse by the sound of things.

  • Nas

    Freedom of speech? Minorities? Where is your decency? I’m not a liverpool fan, never been to England but I was deeply offended by the thought that went behind this shirt. I love this beautiful game of football, since when it became a sport crushing skulls. You know somewhere there’s a terrorist saying the same thing about victims of 9/11 or other tragedies, how does this shirt is different from any other barbaric act?
    Outrageous is the fact that anyone would consider this “freedom of speech”, shame on you.

  • http://wedontknowfootball.com/ wllmhll

    mike ashley cant even run a tshirt printing company.

  • englandsnumber6

    A totally expectd reply from a scouse thieving cnut, i know for a fact it was all the liverpool fans who turned up without tickets ,that caused all the trouble outside in the first place, fkuk the taylor report, you cnuts never pay for anything ive seen it , you travel to europe with no money no tickets its inbred into you. and you are solely to blame for the overcrowding and the deaths of the football fans. all fans up and down the country know this. you are the prick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chrissy-Marie-Rockwell/10904317 Chrissy Marie Rockwell

    I can lot believe in 2009 people still feel this way. What the hell?

  • Sayonara

    To all those that deny the internet is the home of the lowest form of scum, I offer the majority of the above posts to prove otherwise.

    It disgusts me people some of the people here have such twisted views. It doesn’t matter whther it was the Police’s fault or the abundance of Liverpool fans without tickets – it was probably a combination of the two. The fact is the t-shirt was disgusting and insensitive, end of story.

  • dan

    what a great shirt , im gonna have the same printed dirty thievin scouse twats

  • dan

    only jokin i hate liverpool but it was wrong

  • Scouse Killer

     That’s all well and good…  but it’s right, 96 wasn’t enough.  Burn in hell you scouse cunts.