Nicklas Bendtner offers replica kit refund after number change

Posted by - August 13, 2009 - Arsenal, Kitman

Come in number 26

Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has promised to refund fans who purchased replica shirts with his name on the back after deciding to change his squad number. The desperate Dane thinks swapping to his lucky number 52 might put an end to his wastefulness in front of goal.

He said: “I’d like personally to cover the cost of replacing anyone’s shirt that has my previous number. It means a lot to see supporters wearing your name and number.”

The decision to change digits will leave Bendtner’s pay packet an estimated £10,000 lighter if enough fans take him up on the refund offer.

He added: “The new season’s almost here, and along with the rest of the players I’m really excited. Before it starts I wanted to change my squad number from 26 which I’ve had for a number of seasons now. I chose to move to 52 because it’s a special number to me personally, and I hope that it brings me good luck.”

Strangely, Bendtner’s new, lucky number is precisely twice his old squad number.

  • martin

    Think there should be a stand alone article highlighting the fact that there’s arsenal fans out there who actually got his name on their jerseys in the first place.

  • Dave

    Tino Asprilla once demanded his squad number to be changed to the square root of 2.

  • Darryl

    Shouldn’t cost him much then.

  • Joe

    I know Bendtner is a bit arrogant but I think this is a nice gesture. It’s something he’s under no obligation to do and shows he at least considers the supporters.

  • Ben C

    Joe: I think you made a mistake. It’s supporter (prob his mom) not supporters.