Peter Ndlovu allegedly beats up his girlfriend

Posted by - August 4, 2009 - Oddballs

Ex-Coventry striker now gets his kicks by punching women

Former Premier League star (well, former Premier League player with memorable surname who scored a couple of decent goals, at least) Peter Ndlovu has been arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend. The ex-Coventry, Birmingham, Huddersfield and Sheffield United striker was arrested in South Africa after a complaint by the equally memorable monikered Pinky Duda.

Duda’s police statement read: “We argued and I pushed him. He then started to punch me in my face with fists. I sustained injuries on my left hand and bruises on my face. He was assaulting me in front of my three-year-old son.”

Ndlovu allegedly then went outside to get a car jack before smashing windows in the house. The row had started because Duda was angry that Ndlovu’s ex-girlfriend was frequently calling the house.

He turned himself into police last week, but Duda later withdrew the allegations after a meeting between the couple’s families.

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  • Bigus

    Peter Ndlovu never played for Norwich.

  • Dikus

    Only ever played one game for Sheffield United, againt Cardiff.

  • mdex


    He played over 100 games for Sheffield United!?

  • I love Bigus

    Thanks for that insightful comment Bigus. Please can you name some more clubs that he never played for?

  • Amir

    He never played for Jamaica!

  • Burger

    He didn’t ever play for Plymouth. Does anyone know if he ever played against Plymouth?