Rumour: Rafa Benitez has quit Liverpool

Posted by - August 19, 2009 - Liverpool

Has disgruntled Spaniard left Anfield?

No official word on this yet but rumours abound that Rafa Benitez has walked out on Liverpool. Word reached OTP on the grapevine firstly that an unnamed Premier League manager had quit, and then that Benitez had left.

It wouldn’t be surprising given his rocky relationship with the club’s owners and his current transfer budget.

More to follow as we find out whether there is any truth in this.

Update: If it is true most ironic headline of the day award goes to the Belfast Telegraph for this.

Update 2: The latest word is that betting has been suspended on Benitez leaving Liverpool. Any Reds still wanting to keep the faith can take heart from the fact that it was also suspended in February. Anyone tried to put money on this in the last hour or so?

Update 3: The rumour is now being repeated on talkSport. Maybe that just means they read about it here, but it’s now going mainstream!

Update 4: We’ve got some names named: Paddy Power is apparently a bookie that has definitely suspended bets on Benitez leaving.

Update 5: Best conspiracy theory so far is here.

Update 6: Benitez is at Anfield ahead of tonight’s match with Stoke. Some are taking that to mean all is well, while other reports suggest he is in pre-match crisis talks to stop him quitting. At least we know he hasn’t walked very far if he did walk! Other than that, still nothing concrete.

Update 7: The closer it gets to kick-off the less likely it seems that he will quit before the match. But there is rarely this much smoke without fire – must be something going on behind the scenes.

Update 8: There you have it: just a rumour.

  • Joby


  • Drunk

    The Forum has confirmed such.

  • admin 4 eva

    f*** off marbles

  • Shaniqua

    wat r these commets mean? lol x

  • Poolie

    Dats good news if true.
    No more bad player selections
    Hope Dalglish returns!
    Come on Dalglish! U the man to kick Fergie’s butt!!!!

  • Anton

    anyone got any proof? bbc and sky etc all say nothing…

  • Poolie

    But I’ll be surprised if Benitez left.
    He is too proud to leave
    Still, pool will never win the title as long as he is boss
    In fact, he lost the league title for pool last season for really some crap player selections

  • Poolie

    Well, lets see if he shows up for work at Anfield later 🙂

  • Poolie

    Just in from sportinglife
    “bookmaker Paddy Power has suspended betting on Rafa Benitez to be the next Premier League manager to leave his club.

    This happens at least once every season without fail.”

  • Cameron

    I’ve never been on this website before and I know now why I haven’t as just must be up their as a cr*p website

  • chris

    apparently on talksport sammys the boss tonight!!!

  • rafa bentiez

    i am rafa benitez and i can confirm i have left

  • dan

    shame you cant spell rafa BENTiez

  • Sammy Lee

    I am Sammy Lee, and I can confirm that I will be assuming the role of temporary caretaker manager tonight – not sure as to who’ll take over permanently. Worth putting a cheeky punt on Tony Adams, though.

  • LadyArse

    My uncle is in Liverpool for the match and says he heard he has gone, Sky Sports news confirmed that Rafa is at Anfield for the match, phoned Tote sport and the girl had to make a phonecall and then refused to lay the bet, Paddy Power have suspended the market and Sky Bet have cut the odds of him leaving from 6/4 to 1/2

  • Bill

    spurs fan here and really enjoyed liverpool as a contest…….its a major test etc

    he has only lost one game and nearly won the title last year with excellent stats..

    hope this is rubbish …as the EPL needs liverpool and benitez going for all honours in europe etc and top four……

    calm is needed to sort etc

  • Sam

    Sky sports have just annoced that rafa is at the game tonight and leading the team out there is no problem’s.

  • dave

    New best conspiracy theory

  • Jewdu

    Its Zola, he said if he lost any more players he’d leave and Aston Villa have put a bid in for Upson today


  • rafa,s daughter

    hello i am rafa,s daughter and yes it is true that my father has left liverpool fc , yes he is at tonites match with stoke but only to say goodbye to the players after which sammy lee will take charge until linfield manager david jeffery finally takes over , my father will contine to manage in football as he has just begone talk with dumbarton reserves on a player coach contract. this is all i no but my father tells me that jeffery will bid £50.000.000 for glen ferguson and a host of other northern ireland stars . if nobody believes this story they can all go and lick my hairy muff , rafas daugher

  • Ernie

    And pop goes OTP’s credibility

  • Poolie

    Rumour false !!!!
    Was too good to be true

  • browny

    POOLIE, you idiot.
    Anyone who puts “DAT” is a moron and dont claim to be a supporter if all you do is knock the manager.
    Rafa has turned the club around and it is idiots like you, that cause the trouble. Go and support UTD!

  • franko

    you are all fucking stupid pricks believing that rafe had walked away from liverpool
    he is a red and always will be a red

  • http://facebook andrew thomas

    rafa please go from liverpool u will do us a favour if u do og from liverpool gfc

  • Martin Badger

    I just hope he goes. He should have gone at least six months ago. The season has been an utter and total disaster. Just the fact that he plays Leiva every match shows he knows absolutely nothing about football. Add Sunday league players like Deggen, N’gog,the dreadful Babel, the woeful El Zhar and clueless Agger and we are just a laughing stock. It will take years to put right the damage he has done to the club. If he does stay he’s probably planning to get Voronin back. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. N’gog and Voronin up front when Torres is injured – in other words, always.

  • ste muzzy

    now he has gone thank god for that

  • http://msn umar

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