Ryan Babel is a ‘sick rapper’, says hip hop star Sway

Posted by - August 18, 2009 - Liverpool, Oddballs

We would have said ‘vomit-inducing’

Liverpool striker (haha, he wishes) Ryan Babel is collaborating (that’s what urban artists do, right?) with rapper Sway on his new album. The Dutchman’s previous attempts at rocking the mic have made him a YouTube sensation, but he has carried on unperturbed.

Sway said: “He’s actually on the song with me and Neutrino. That was something I wanted to keep in the bag for a minute but obviously you just revealed it. Somebody’s on my Twitter. Yeah, Ryan Babel’s a good mate of mine. He’s a nice guy, he’s a sick rapper. The way he flips his flow is marvellous man, so I wanted him to do a bit – half Dutch, half British, and he really pulled it off man. I think it’s a track that people are gonna like.”

Hopefully he has improved since his Ajax days (above).

Check out Babel rapping here and here.

  • http://onepoundthelargeflag.blogspot.com/ Rob

    He’s better at rapping than he is at football, and he’s crap at rapping.
    Bambi on ice is the only way I can describe his football “skills”

  • http://wedontknowfootball.com/ wllmhll

    “Neutrino” LOL.