Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 29-30 August

Posted by - August 31, 2009 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

You will hopefully have noticed that OTP has not been updated for a few days while I take a well deserved (and ongoing) rest. Normal service will be resumed over the next couple of days. In the meantime, I have seen precisely zilch of the weekend’s Premier League action, so this week’s conclusions are over to you guys.

What have you been able to conclude after the latest round of matches? Leave as few or as many as you like.

  • bigboned

    – doesn’t matter how well you played at old trafford, man utd always wins.
    – mike dean is the successor of mike riley.
    – if a arsenal player dives it’s crime, if a manu player dives it’s a clever move.

  • Atyansh

    1. Wenger shows tha he has still got class
    2. Tottenham just can’t stop winning after scoring in the 95th minute.
    3. Johnson is proving everyone that he is worth every penny.
    4. Rooney showed Carrick how to take a penalty.
    5. Chelsea defeat for Burnley should tell you how their away form will be for the whole season.
    6. The Lescott effect has officially been removed from Everton.
    7. Kitson actually scored a goal!!!
    8. That was a really wonderful goal from Arshavin, he is gonna be pivotal for Arsenal’s trophy winning chances.
    9. Manchester City also not losing any games though they only won 1-0 vs Prtsmouth.
    10. The top ten conclusions I made are crap and incomplete without the OTP touch

  • Atyansh

    Also I wanna say this, where were the UEFA WHEN rONALDO DIVED CONTINUOUSLY???
    Eduardo dived once and he is banned for 2 games sick.
    I’m not a fan of either teams though.
    Spot on big boned you said everything correct.

  • Luke Cairns

    Even as a Liverpool fan, I got to admit that Wenger dealt with his bullshit sending off very well.. He looked every bit the legend, the drama, the theatre..

    I bet he’s been planning that for years, he knew he would get sent off one day at Old Trafford.. fairplay to the Manure fans who clapped, and bayed..

    A Gallic shrug, a wonderful image.

  • http://na Jude Flynn

    1. Hard luck Arsenal. Their injury hit midfield (Fabregas, Walcott, Rosicky & Nasri all absentees) were controlling the game with ease until the self-destruct button proved too tempting for Almunia.

    2. ManYoo have had to ride their luck considerably after only 4 games against title contenders and relegation candidates alike. Improvements are required if they’re going to make something of the next 34.

    3. As selective as his vision is, Arsene Wenger is a class act. Few men could stand tall in the manner in which he did amongst hordes of rival fans.

    4. Having not been truly tested yet, Chelsea continue to look impressive. 4 wins in 4, and I think there still might be another gear there.

    5. The loss of Modric to Spurs, for 6 weeks at least, is going to dent their early season form. The Croat has been unplayable so far this season.

    6. 7 conceded from Liverpool in 4 games thus far, including 5 from set pieces. Injuries haven’t helped, but I suspect the international break has come at a good time for Benitez to re-establish Liverpool’s typically frugal defense.

    7. Leiva’s insistence on Sean Davis’ dismissal was another ugly moment for the Brazilian. Sometimes I think he is living out the footballing equivalent to “Meet the Parents”. Doesn’t matter how hard he tries, Lucas always seems to find a calamitous way to remain outside “the circle of trust”.

    8. I feel genuinely sorry for Portsmouth’s Paul Hart. Fratton Park has had to welcome a variety of footballing nomads to help stop the rot at the club. And now they have inherited a Mike Ashley-type sugar-daddy. Never trust a chairman who sports the club’s replica kit.

    9. In spite of having made some shrewd signings pre-season, Mark Hughes’ City look a little top heavy when they take to the field. Shay Given has had to be at his best playing in an XI with 4 recognized strikers.

    10: It’s hard to get to 10. Stoke have really gone up in my estimation. Signing Tuncay and Huth are sound editions to a team who are showing signs of moving in a more footballing direction. Well done Tony Pulis.

  • Facebook User

    1. Nothing was funnier than Gordon Strachan’s commentary on Wenger’s ‘sending off’ on MOTD2
    2. Carrick and Anderson, although warned by Fergie, have nothing to worry about if Giggs continues to play like that
    3. OTP was right, twice. Shay Given WILL be the reason City make the top 4 this season, if they manage it.
    4. Liverpool look like they will repeat last season, Gerrard saving their bacon in the last 10 minutes.
    5.Burnley are this season’s West Brom, at times playing bootiful attacking football, but buggering it up and losing. Shame.
    6. Abou Diaby.
    7. Modric has broken his leg to avoid getting a crocked neck while Spurs lump it up to Crouch repeatedly.
    8. Geovanni LOVES August.
    9. Lucas is now conning referees into showing red cards as well as conning Benitez into thinking he could play..
    10. Where did that Blackburn striker go? Ouch Big Sam, ouch..

  • Ryan

    Blackburn are better than the 1 point would suggest, could have been 3 in all 3 matches. Should have taken at least 5 total. That said, with the October they have on the horizon, they need serious pts in Spetember to avoid a dismal first three months.

    Lucas looks like he’s heard of Brazil, but not Brazilian. Unfortunetly, Liverpool don’t have any alternative. Although sitting Benayoun is madness.

    Best goal of the season so far from Arshavin!

  • jhn

    fear for Spurs with Modric out – Man Yoo will struggle but somehow manage to pull it off

  • Mic

    Eboue dived because he was trying to save himself from Uniteds antifootball and defo wasn’t looking for a free kick, it was for his own safety that dive, for sure, even if his actions appeared to be to turn to the ref and ask for a free kick…

  • Zekky

    Wes Brown was complete and utter rubbish. ManU desperately need Rio back…but that being said, they still knocked off a very unlucky Arsenal. I keep playing that Diaby own goal over and over in my head and I know its really early, but that could be a season defining moment.

  • Trueblues

    1.When everyone thought that the diving stars in the name of CR7 is gone,there would be no more world-class actors in BPL.But this week we saw someone by the name of Rooney and Eduardo performed like a hollyoaks actor.
    2.Liverpool is looking like a club fighting for places in Europe then fighting for the title.
    3.Zonal marking sucks.
    4.Ashley Cole demonstrated and explained why he wears the No.3 shirt after scoring his 3rd goal for Chelsea which was the 3rd goal in that match which earned Chelsea 3 points.
    5.The referee hates Wenger.
    6.The referee still worships Ferguson.
    7.Man city bought tons of strikers and not so focused on defence and should be getting results with high scoring but they managed until now with only 4 goals scored and nothing conceded.
    8.Jansen is indeed the beast.
    9.Man U should sign Jansen to replace Van der Sar.
    10.Arshavin is the best player in Arsenal.

  • Johan

    1. Foster can be a good enough replacement for man united
    2. Jansen should be playing for a top half club
    3. Given should be playing in the champions league
    4. Arsenal fans are blind to the fact rooney was fouled
    5. Tottenham Chelsea will be fascinating
    6. Defoe is actually good
    7. Rodagella has still definately scored the best goal so far in he EPL
    8. Arshavin is this decade’s Henry for Arsenal
    9. Arsenal will finish in the Top 4
    10. Lucas is woeful

  • Louwrens

    only one conclusion i can give you – arsenal fans’ victim mentality is still alive and well.

  • Dan

    1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3. Man Utd
    4. Man City
    5. Liverpool
    6. the
    7. rest
    8. are
    9. all
    10. rubbish

  • yous

    1. Kicking a bottle is considered ‘unnaceptable’ in football
    2. Old Trafford does not have a stand that managers can simply walk to
    3. Citeh are becoming a more frightening prospect by the week
    4. Liverpool are still reliant on Gerrard/Torres to bail them out.. wait a minute, that’s nothing new
    5. Michael Brown isn’t really a footballer, he’s just a thug who likes to play football
    6. David Nugent does not know how to kick a ball properly let alone hitting it on target
    7. Giggs’ display in the first half was just.. awful. He’s a living legend but there was no excuse for that performance
    8. Sky sports/BBC just won’t stop going on about Ronaldo/United
    9. Eboue’s dive was approved by Eduardo
    10. WIth Kranjcar heading out it’s just not looking good for Pompey

  • Rob

    Liverpool STILL reliant on Gerrard/Torres? they are the forward line, who else should be scoring? Liverpool were the leagues top scorers last year and those two missed stacks of games. Next you’ll be talking about backlift, opening up a players body, and other bollocks that commentators like to make up. How about how crap zonal marking is when man to man lets in just as many goals.

  • moxxstory

    It’s not so easy