Top conclusions: Chelsea 2-2 Manchester United (4-1 on pens)

Posted by - August 10, 2009 - Chelsea, Conclusions, Lists, Manchester United

1. Age and experience does not increase penalty-taking prowess. Just ask Ryan Giggs.

2. Or maybe being left-footed is the problem. Just ask Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra.

3. Sir Alex Ferguson blowing a fuse with a referee: the new season truly is upon us, folks! It’s like he has never been away.

4. Since it’s very early in the season to be handing over cheques to the FA, we suggest Fergie directs his anger towards Fris Choy. Choy did make a couple of dodgy decisions.

5. Looks like United have another Portuguese winger willing to weigh in with the goals in Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence. Nani has just been keeping it a secret so far in his United career.

6. Ben Foster will have to cut out those errors if he is hoping to show Fabio Capello that he is the man to stick between the sticks in South Africa.

7. Chelsea look more resilient than they have for a while. Blues fans will no doubt be encouraged by what they saw.

8. Expect this to be the season of Wayne Rooney. OTP reckons that last-minute equaliser was a sign of things to come from a more central Wazza.

9. Carlo Ancelotti’s record in English football is currently very impressive: 100 per cent win record and one game, one trophy.

10. Michael Ballack was only getting revenge on behalf of the Chelsea groundstaff when he assaulted Evra. How was he to know it would result in a goal?

  • Joe

    The referee showed some inconsistency, having stopped play to tend to an injured Ballack, then failing to do so for Evra. Still, United showed pluck and Rooney’s goal was quite good. I do think over the long season, losing Ronaldo is going to cost United points. I didn’t really see much from Valencia. Pleased to finally see Chelsea win a shootout. Ballack and Drogba’s penalties were fantastic.

  • James

    It’s going to be a nail-biting season in england and elswhere. It’s too harsh to be comparing valencia to ronaldo, he was never bought to replace him.

  • Dogless


    I agree, it’s going to be a great season, but to say that the quick-footed winger (purchased immediately after the loss of another quick-footed winger) isn’t a replacement, sounds like something SAF would say to keep the pressure off of Valencia, despite it being completely untrue. Like when Ballack elbowed Evra in the face.

  • Joe

    Agree with you both…I’m hoping for a 5-horse race down to the wire! Regarding Valencia, I don’t mean to be overly critical, I agree he’s not a direct replacement for CR. However, it makes one wonder how United will make up not only for his pace, cannon shot, freekicks and headers, but for all the space that he opened up for teammates. I’m not predicting a United meltdown but I think they’re going to have to adjust and rely very heavily on Rooney.