Video: Craig Bellamy refuses to sign a Rangers shirt

Posted by - August 7, 2009 - Football videos, Manchester City, Scotland

Man City reserve striker picky about where he puts his autograph

When you have had as many clubs as Craig Bellamy it must be difficult to keep track of all your rivals. But after a 2005 loan spell at Parkhead the Welshman is still able to remember ‘Celtic good, Rangers bad’.

So when a Rangers fan tried to get Bellamy to sign his shirt at Glasgow airport on Wednesday, the striker pulled his most incredulous face and walked on.

We would call it a display of loyalty, but that isn’t really in keeping with the side of the sectarian divide on which he finds himself!

Spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • gaff

    Doesn’t surprise me..little prick.
    Oh and Hun is sectarian.

  • Mark

    Small man syndrome – or else he’s just a prat!

    When offered a chance to rise above pettiness – he drops into the gutter.

    Good riddance, and I hope he enjoys the handful of games he’s likely to get this year.

  • Rob Parker

    The YouTuber’s words not OTP’s, gaff.

  • paulo

    He’s just being hygienic. Saves him having to wash his hands afterwards

  • stevebhoy

    why would he want to sign a shirt of fans that have been abusing him, plus would gerrard sign a everton jersey?? no, would fabregas sign a spurs jersey?? no, how about barry ferguson signing a celtic jersey?? no. so bellamy was doing right you bunch of idiots!!

  • Mark

    stevebhoy – Barry has even worn a Celtic strip for a charity photoshoot – ignorance is bliss!

  • Willhelm

    What a horrible little man Bellend is, but I suppose justice was served in the end, when his team were gubbed. By the way, use of the “H” word is extremely bigoted and should be removed from this website immediately.

  • Anton

    aye but he’s still The Crab!

  • Ryan


    Come join us on the O’ffended bus, there are plenty of spare seats.

    I suppose all of the Scottish teams outside of Celtic who freely and openly use the term to describe Rangers fans all have a bigoted and sectarian agenda as well do they?

    Maybe in some uneducated corners of the 6 counties has ‘hun’ any link with religion, but to others the term simply indicates an image of rampaging, permanently angry hordes, amply depicted by the footage from Manchester last year.

  • Ryan


    WHAT THE FECK is that hairdo all about?

  • Matthew Bailey

    How are you supposed to remove a word that is embedded in a YouTube video? Don’t you people read?!

  • stevebhoy

    mark, the point im making is would barry ferguson after playing celtic and been injured by one of there players and the fans abusing him stop and sign a celtic jersey if i asked him, course he wouldnt and thats exactly why bellamy refused the fan was try to provoke him.

  • Downshir


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