Video: Europa League match abandoned on 87 minutes because of crowd trouble

Posted by - August 21, 2009 - Europa League, Football videos

The referee has indicated a minimum of minus two minutes of injury time

The Europa League game between Romanian’s Dinamo Bucharesti and Slovan Liberec of the Czech Republic was abandoned last night after a pitch invasion. When Jan Blazek’s late goal gave Liberec a potentially crucial second away goal, the Dinamo fans decided to take action.

Firstly, a single Dinamo fan invaded the pitch and managed to occupy the attention of every steward in the stadium. While they were busy playing chase, the remaining Dinamo fans broke down a security fence and stormed the pitch.

The pitch invasion had the desired effect as the referee soon reached for his whistle to abandon the game, but we suspect it is not going to help Dinamo very much in the long run. Uefa doesn’t want thugs ruining its second class showpiece event.

Spotted on Sports Rubbish

  • Efreeti

    As a Czech Republic citizen I am disappointed by behavior not only Dinamo Bucharesti fans but also by Crvena Zvezda Beograd fans. They arrived to Czech earlier this week to attend match against Slavia Prague (Europa League). They managed to destroy 2 petrol station along the way to the match and were even aggressive afterwards. They blitzed Prague city center spraying on historical buildings, destroing restaurants and even metro station before police locked them up all…WHAT A FOCKING SHAME! This balcan trash shouldnt be allowed across EU borders when they cannot behave.

  • UF

    You and Sports Rubbish have it wrong. This match is from the previous round. Last night, Steaua hosted St. Patrick’s Athletic in an empty ground because of the two-match crowd ban imposed by UEFA after the events shown above.

  • Efreeti

    This was the last night match..for certain

  • UF

    Yeah. My bad. I misunderstood the initial link. Sorry.

  • SteauaFan

    I am really sorry for what Dinamo fans did, but the same fans had more than 5 incidents in Romania in the last 2 season, the same fans destroyed one stand at NEIJMEGEN and the same fans destroyed 2 planes when they fly to Brugges…

    They should be baned! All Europe is laughing because of our fans, but dont generalise! The Romanian fans are ok, only Dinamo fans are like this because the club is giving them money for the away matches and they take drugs…


    PS. Steaua played without supporters because of a banner, not incidents! We are fair-play!