Video: Everton away kit launched with haka

Posted by - August 7, 2009 - Everton, Kitman

And why not?

Everton’s new away kit made it into OTP’s Top five worst new Premier League kits list, so if we were the Toffees we would have been sneaking this into the club shop through the back-door. The club begged to differ and decided a group of well-built New Zealanders were the best way to launch the hideous black-and-pink effort.

We don’t know if this was supposed to show middle-aged Scousers that they can remain manly while wearing pink, but if it was then it fails on the ground that this is the campest haka OTP has even seen.

Spotted on 101GG

  • Will

    This is the type of thing that makes me proud to be an Evertonian.

    This is the only way to launch a kit. People say its ugly and girly, we respond with a war dance.

  • chase

    YES! well said @will.

  • kathmcp

    I’m a kiwi and that is not only the worst haka I have seen but it is downright the most embarassing thing i have ever seen.

  • Will

    After comparing any Haka to the All blacks or a traditional group in traditional cloths, it sucks.

    You can’t beat a traditional New Zealand haka. Also, the fact that this was in English probably made it harder to perform.

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  • Kevin

    Brilliant 😀

    Fantastic PR Stunt – pink is for tattoo faced Maoris, not girls.

  • Sam

    this is awesome! who said that laying down a haka was exclusive to Maori!

    Haka’s get made up all the time, this is exclusive to Everton and I say good on them!!

    The marketing people got this right, Everton Football Club got the publicity.

    I’ve seen kiwis do embarassing hakas! This haka was done with mana (honour) and you can see it in the performers

    Go Everton!