Video: New Everton signing Diniyar Bilyaletdinov dragged into an MTV rap

Posted by - August 25, 2009 - Everton

One footballer who’s not overly eager to try his hand at rap

Here is Everton’s latest purchase Diniyar Bilyaletdinov participating in an MTV awards ceremony back in Mother Russia. Former teammate Dmitri Sychev is happy to take the microphone and clearly considers himself to be up there with the world’s best rapper (like Ryan Babel, for instance).

Bilyaletdinov restricts his involvement to standing around awkwardly, the occasional dance move and a name-check in the lyrics.

Check them out after the jump. PR training in political correctness clearly hasn’t reached Russia football yet…

Wassup, Moscow!
You, people on the stands eating popcorn
Shout: “You play like a disabled in a third division”
So now, get ready to face me and hear my answer:
I can score from 100 yards,
But all you care is to sing without mumbling
A popstar is making an album after an album
So what? I’m the only one known in Europe.
There’s something wrong with some singers
They’re called as a ref – a fag.
C’mon make Decl play football
And you’ll see that we’re different:
While he smokes grass, I play on it.
We’re leather ball addicts,
Lucifers of the football relics
We’ll win, we’ll break through, believe us.
I can rap forever, but now you see that
Indivisible are MTV, Sychev and Bilyaletdinov.

  • Kristen


  • Will

    Get off the stage, and on the pitch!

    And no, you CANNOT do half time shows for Everton games!

  • Dokièh

    What’s going on with Russian players? I saw Arshavin some months ago singing in something like a Russian “Got Talent” show…

  • CR7

    Are u still alive?