Watch Theo Walcott get a tattoo for Nike

Posted by - August 20, 2009 - Adverts and Commercial, Arsenal, Football videos

Just ink it

Arsenal and England star Theo Walcott has visited a tattoo parlour for this new viral for Nike and Foot Locker. The speedy forward is filmed getting inked wearing his Nike Air Max 90s, which apparently makes the whole process run a lot more smoothly.

So now you know: if you want a tattoo, buy Nike trainers first… Better still, get Nike trainers tattooed on your feet.

  • Richard

    “Be the revolution of you?” Horrific grammar aside, how is getting a tattoo on Nike and Footlocker’s dime revolutionary? Just score some more against Croatia so I can forget this thing.

  • AJ

    what a pile of shite that is!


    hey nike! for your next video please can nicklas bendtner get an arse tattoo’d on his face?

  • Safety

    I wonder has that tat lead to his injury problems, as it did with Freddie Ljungberg? Blood poisoning is no joke (but then neither is grammatically clumsy sloganeering, and neither is having to go to Manchester to get something, so let’s hope he’ll be fit the next time he has to go there)