Chelsea v Liverpool – the Nigerian gangster film version (starring Frank Lampard’s back)

Posted by - September 29, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos, Liverpool, Oddballs

What if Danny Dyer was Nigerian?

Machine guns, bad actors clad in Chelsea and Liverpool shirts, and a soundtrack by 2Unlimited and Kool and the Gang. It sounds like a fantastic film, no? But I’m just not sure this quite works. This fine effort is the work of Nollywood.

*Adopts gruff American accent*. If you see just one film this fall, make sure it’s Chelsea versus Liverpool.

Spotted on The Offside

  • Jonathan

    Haha that is brilliant! They really love English football in Nigeria.

  • Will

    Don’t worry.

    The ending is Evertonian special ops coming in and kicking some arse!

  • nathan

    it’s cool really, they are innovative and creative, it is an improvement cudoos to thrir elbows.