China marks FIFA FairPlay day in its own unique style

Posted by - September 10, 2009 - Oddballs

Respect campaign has not yet reached Far East

We already know that there are some bizarre goings-on in Chinese football, but at least we now know they retain a sense of irony.

On the day the Chinese Super League observed FIFA’s international FairPlay Day, there were boots thrown at referees, spitting at referees and verbal abuse of referees.

Wang Hongyou, a substitute for Hangzhou Greentown, will miss the next four matches and pay a 20,000 yuan fine for throwing his boot at the referee from the bench during a match against Shenzhen.

Throwing a boot is precisely half as acceptable as spitting at an official. Shandong Luneng’s Serbian striker Aleksandar Zivkovic has been handed an eight-match ban and fined 40,000 yuan for spitting at the referee during a derby match in Qingdao.

And last but not least, a bad tackle from Changchun’s Liu Cheng on Shanghai’s Tao Jin sparked brawls and attacks on the referee. Shanghai head coach Jia Xiuquan was banned from the sidelines for three matches and fined 20,000 yuan, and translator Xie Hui, doctor Zhang Peng and player Chen Tao all received fines and bans too.

Liu, who sparked the incident, also received a three-match ban and 20,000 yuan fine for what the Chinese FA described as a “flagrant foul”.

The referee caught up in that brawl, who was subjected to pushing and verbal abuse, was none other than He Zhibiao. He was featured on OTP in July when he was pushed to the ground and chased out of the stadium after sending off two players!

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