Darren Bent back on Twitter and stirring it up again

Posted by - September 24, 2009 - Oddballs, Sunderland, Tottenham

Sunderland striker’s candid social networking antics resume

Darren Bent has reactivated his Twitter account and is fighting battles on all fronts. The then Tottenham striker caused a major controversy in July when he published Tweets criticising Spurs chairman Daniel Levy.

His account was subsequently removed, but having settled in at Sunderland he has now made his big Twitter comeback. Posting as DBTheTruth, he wrote: “There are some serious haters in the media world. And I think I have stayed quiet for a long time but I’m going to start exposing them.”

Responding to suggestions that Sky Sports pundit Matt Le Tissier is one such “hater”, he wrote: “Yeah someone told [me] he was hating.”

But Bent is fighting slightly more light-hearted battles too. The ex-Charlton man has a challenge with Sunderland-based Olympic bronze medalist boxer Tony Jeffries to see who can be the first to 10,000 followers on the site.

This has resulted in the fighter sending pleading Tweets to our friends at Kickette for followers to be sent his way!

Perhaps aware that history could be about to repeat itself, Bent has already set up a protected account to go with his public profile. That way little slips like this wouldn’t be visible to the general public:

  • pete

    what a fukin faggot!

  • pete

    what a fukin shit cheese

  • steve

    yea what a cunt !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lovely Camel

    He’s a good man, I wish him the best.

  • kevin

    Anyone using the term ‘hater’ deserves an instant loss of all credibility/respect, and to be referred to henceforth as bellend.

  • Nick

    You can tell he’s a footballer, pissed off is two words. Thick as pig shit

  • stu

    WHAT A KNOB..!!!