Dwight Yorke learns the hard way not to send nice texts to Roy Keane

Posted by - September 28, 2009 - Sunderland

Ex-Sunderland manager’s abusive text reply

Dwight Yorke has revealed how his former Sunderland manager and Manchester United team-mate Roy Keane sent him an nasty text message. Yorke texted a message of commiserations to Keane after the latter’s departure from Sunderland, but was shocked by the reply he received.

Yorke said: “The rumours of his departure had been flying around for a while, but when it happened it was still a surprise.

“So I sent him a text saying how sorry I was how things had turned out, but thanking him for the chance at Sunderland and wishing him all the best for the future. Ten minutes later, I got my reply: ‘Go f*** yourself.'”

Keane was infamously alleged to have quit the Sunderland post by text message.

Yorke’s claim was published by the News of the World, which carried extracts from his autobiography Born To Score. His vocabulary and tone really polishes up in the form of written word.

“The manager’s darkening mood was made only too clear on an ominous night for his regime. There were the first signs of tension between Keano and the Sunderland supporters. But that was nothing compared to the eruption we witnessed at half-time. We knew we were in for a tongue-lashing. We waited for the fireworks. Keano emerged from the washroom, quietly, calmly.”

We’ve inserted bold text where we think a ghost-writer might have predicted the words that were on the tip of Dwight’s tongue.

  • englandsnumber6

    if you dislike Roy Keane for any reason, ie trying to break another players leg, or telling Dwight to f**k himself, i urge you to read his autobiography…. You will hate the Arrogant prick even more..