Emmanuel Adebayor celebrates training goal with spoof of Arsenal celebration

Posted by - September 16, 2009 - Arsenal, Manchester City

The actions of a remorseful man

Emmanuel Adebayor was apologetic personified after his crazed sprint to celebrate his goal for Manchester City in front of Arsenal’s supporters. But he is not going to let the terrible guilt he feels deep down inside get in the way of a bit of training ground banter.

Having found the net in a run-of-the-mill training game with his Citeh team-mates, the Togo international shocked onlookers by reproducing the already infamous celebration. He sprinted along for 20 yards before launching into a knee slide.

He is obviously taking the two FA charges he picked up yesterday very seriously.

Spotted on Daily Mail

  • Bluetonium

    He always celebrates with that slide, he did it as an Arsenal player and he will continue to do it. He enjoys his training and has every right to smile and be happy in his work and personal life – or is that up for review by the FA too? Stop stirring Mail.

    I wonder is RVP will be flicking the Vs at an imaginary crowd next time he scores in training? Whether he does or not, bet it won’t make the papers.

  • mike

    Hey, let’s slate City…

  • Talljonny

    Quite right, why is this news. Why are there photographers looking for this and not RVP shouting “f*** ***” at a pretend crowd. Because we are not in the big four. Adebayor did this against us at The Emirates, he always has.

  • potter

    My word he swore and the crowd saw it. I didn’t realise that City fans were so faint hearted. Things must have changed , can this be the same people that showered away supporters with spittle and coins last time I was at Maine Road.?Not to mention the damage to my car parked about a mile from the stadium.

  • fdfsdf

    typical citeh fans ….

    ade has brought it all upon himself … hopefully he’ll be banned more than 6 matches …. take that citeh!

  • Jerry

    Yo citeh dicks As one of you said Ade always clebrates with the slide watch all RVP away goals he always does that the f**k *** celebration so suck it

  • Ade Hero

    Nice one Ade. He really hates Arsenal doesn’t he? Enjoy UEFA C up football next season you Gooner dicks

  • Captain Pattern

    Well its training so he has to practice it so he can do it again, and again, and again in a real match…..top stuff.

  • JImmy Cracker

    Yeah Top Stuff…..He can practice it for the next month or so from the sidelines…….United will put you Citeh Mutts back in your place this weekend……

  • Cambridgeblue

    Frankly I think this whole trial by media thing is a farce… and the sad thing is the FA will probably bow to it.

    Robin Van Persie slid in with a leg breaking challenge and gets off scot free. Yes Adebayor caught him and from some angles it looks bad but Ade did have to leap out of the way of the scholes-esque challenge in the first place and was going to land somewhere. The evidence I think is far from clear cut, but given the sway the top 4 have when it comes to FA disciplinarys Ade will probably get a 3-4 match ban right in time for the derby game. Christ if Gerrard can get away with battering some bloke in a bar (complete with video replay) then by rights Ade should too.

    If Tevez and Robinho weren’t both injured from the international week and liable to be our for another 2-3 weeks I wouldn’t be too concerned about this, but it reeks of bias towards the top 4. They are scared they can’t beat us on the pitch so they try and beat us off it – witness Platini’s scheming in the name of “financial fair play”, and now this.

    Hopefully this will fire up the team for the united game… sir alex may find that he faces an even more stoked up City team this weekend. Here’s hoping that we can maintain our 100% record and show the bastards what we’re made of.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Bailey/879740166 Matthew Bailey

    1. People who don’t support don’t like City. They have not carried themselves with dignity. Unfortunately, the majority of audible fans don’t seem to be trying to ingratiate themselves to us either. I find the real ugly fans are always the supporters of the second team in a city – Manchester, Liverpool, any number of London teams. The end.

    2. In the footage of the stamp you can see Adebayor look down, then forcibly put his foot down towards RVP’s hand/head to try and catch him. That’s a stamp. It doesn’t matter that he claims it wasn’t. The end.

    3. Wenger should have a bit of humble pie with his tea for having a go at Mark Hughes standing up for EA, whilst he continued to bum Eduardo for similar, video-provable reasons. The end.

    4. Gerrard punched a man. This was on video. When asked why he did it, he said he believed he was going to get punched because it had kicked off, so it was self-defence. The person who threw the first punch was charged with such. If it were a regular night out, he would have got an £80 fine or arrested. He was arrested. The end.

    5. This “buying within your means” coming in is great for teams like Arsenal, United, Chelsea (and, to an extent, Liverpool when they get a new stadium) who can continue to pay £30mil for a new player, as it will prevent the mid-teams from buying anyone shit-hot off the bat. How much did RVP cost? Benayoun? Arteta? Even CR9. Just means you have to scout better. The end.


    matthew bailey, you look like a 14 year old, chubby little lesbian. the end.