Europa League: New name, same old shite?

Posted by - September 17, 2009 - Europa League, Ranting and Raving

Champions League Division Two gets under way

It is an exciting week in football. We have already seen all the fun of the Champions League, a tournament which despite all the thrills and spills it often produces, sometimes makes two exciting teams play out dull games, as Inter and Barca displayed last night.

However, tonight brings us UEFA’s most inventive new concept since, erm… the Intertoto Cup (and we all know how much fun that was). Yes, it’s the new and shiny Europa League.

Fed up with the bigger teams not caring, Monsieur Platini and cronies have rebranded the UEFA Cup in the hope that it will provide an entertaining little sister to the Champions League. So the question is, will it?

Well, without wanting to dampen the fire before it is lit, probably not. The final will doubtlessly not include anyone from the three top leagues, because they’d have lost interest by the knockout stage and be fielding reserves, and playing on a Thursday night on the opposite side of Europe is not helpful to any team going into an important weekend fixture.

For a long time the competition has slipped into semi-decline, but surely there’s one simple way of making it more competitive… GIVE THE WINNERS A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SPOT!

As one famous advertising rodent says, “simples”.

  • cheese

    Totally agree that the winner needs to get a champs place.

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  • Paul(No1Fan)

    Agree – Give them a spot

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