Fleetwood Town go on the away trip from hell

Posted by - September 23, 2009 - Football videos, Non-league, Oddballs

And it was only 65 miles

Non-league outfit Fleetwood Town had a disastrous away trip when they travelled to Hyde last Saturday. The trouble started on the way there when the team coach suffered a tyre blow-out. The squad and coaching staff were left stranded on the hard shoulder of the M61.

Fortunately – and it’s just about the only fortune in this tale – the supporters’ coach spotted them on the way past. Several supporters gave up their seats on the bus so that the squad could arrive as early as possible. Players and fans all arrived on time, but they probably wished they hadn’t as their side went down 2-1.

But the fun was only just starting.

On the way back to Fleetwood, the replacement coach caught fire sending an acrid smoke billowing through the bus. The moment was caught on camera by Fleetwood Town press officer Derick Thomas as he interviewed manager Micky Mellon.

Indeed, the very persistent Thomas attempted to continue the interview even after the fire had been spotted. The incident starts around the 3min 10secs mark in the video above.

Another spell on the motorway hard shoulder followed!