Had Sir Alex Ferguson had a little Dutch courage before Sir Bobby Robson’s memorial service?

Posted by - September 22, 2009 - Football videos, Manchester United

Fergie a tad more slurred and incoherent than usual

“AnasIsaid at the beginnin’… he iffluenced me theeen an’llwalways iffluence me.”

  • Tim

    To be fair, it sounds more like he is just getting a bit emotional.

  • hollis

    He’s not drunk, just having a stroke.

  • Jim

    This is a pointless article. Fergie is renowned for having one or two drinks before and after games to calm the nerves, sometimes asharing one with the opposing manager. It isn’t surprising if he has a few before giving a sendoff to an old mate. Grow up

  • Sime

    lol @ hollis