Ivan Klasnic v John Terry: whose alleged behaviour was worse?

Posted by - September 11, 2009 - Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea, England, International, Vote

Is it worse to spit at someone or punch them in their dodgy kidney?

Croatia striker Ivan Klasnic has allegedly confessed to his new boss Gary Megson that he did spit at England skipper John Terry – but he claims he only did it because Terry punched him in the kidney. Bolton’s new signing had two kidney transplants in 2007 which nearly forced him to quit the game.

Klasnic said: “He hit me with a fist exactly in the place where I’ve been operated. I was lucky to be wearing a protective belt. He is the first player who has tried to hit me with a purpose in the kidney. He insulted me first then he hit me. And now he has accused me of spitting at him? I didn’t do it.”

Reports coming out of the Reebok Stadium suggest that Klasnic has privately admitted to spitting at Terry, and that Megson has warned him that a repeat performance would make his life in English football a misery.

So whose alleged offence was worse?

  • TrueBlues

    I doubt Klasnic’s word.
    If he is really punched in the kidney,will he have the strength to spit?
    The spitting video looks like he is perfectly fined,given that he has operated at that part before.
    Furthermore,there is no video of terry punching him,but there is video of him spitting.
    In this world you need proofs and evidences to accuse someone.

  • http://onepoundthelargeflag.blogspot.com/ Rob

    I bet Tevez will be giving Klasnic a call and thanking him after Terry snotted all over him in the Champions League Final. I hate having this thug as our captain.

  • SVWBFelix

    Spitting should never be tolerated, but I am absolutely disgusted that someone would target a medical weakness like this. Klasnic is lucky to still be playing football, I wish him all the best for his future in England.

  • http://wdkf.co.uk/ wllmhll

    how would terry know klasnic had a kidney transplant? if he did, that would be bloody evil.