Manchester City ‘target of massacre’

Posted by - September 8, 2009 - Manchester City

Eastlands massacre threat

A teenager on trial for allegedly plotting a pipe bomb and gun massacre at his school in Manchester was also considering an attack on Manchester City, a court has heard.

Matthew Swift, aged 18, reportedly sent the suggestion in a computer message to co-defendant Ross Wilkinson. A jury at Manchester Crown Court was told that Swift wrote: “I was thinking of targets to attack – like the City stadium.”

The pair are accused of a planned attack on Audenshaw High School timed to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Columbine massacre. Both deny conspiracy to murder and to cause explosions.

The trial continues.

Spotted on The Sun

  • kaye

    these boys are SOOOOOOOOOOO stupid-dont they know that if your to commit a successful criminal act then you first either dont discuss it oon the phone or internet or you dont use clear references such as “Bomb” or “attack replace the words make a bomb with say “bake a cake” or “attack” with “party” (even though that would be too obvious since most people know what “bake a cake actually means….)
    seriously next time anyone wishes to Blow up that shitty little mancunian stadium do it wisely and and use your brain

  • http://! John The Blue

    Says Kaye the shoe Bomber!!! hahahahahaha

  • http://offthepost hammo


    Let me have your address and I will come round to yours for a discussion, you are a thick moron and an idiot. Also stop using OMG and SOOOOOO, it’s pathetic.


    nice to see we have some potential terrorists on the blog. hi kaye!