Manchester City’s days as a major spending force are over

Posted by - September 18, 2009 - Manchester City, Transfer News and Gossip

So say Manchester City

Manchester City have drawn a line under their spending spree and will now invest in youth development, according to executive chairman Garry Cook. The club has spent nearly £200m on new players since the takeover by the Abu Dhabi United group.

But Cook has warned that City will not continue to spend at the same rate and will now look to develop its own academy production line.

Cook told an Abu Dhabi newspaper: “We will not be signing players to the extent we have done in the past year. Our academy will be the focus for the next 12 months.”

So in other words, having assembled a squad of mercenary money-grabbers experienced players to challenge/force out the likes of Nedum Onuoha, Micah Richards, Joe Hart and Michael Johnson, Citeh will now be focusing on blooding young players.

  • mickyfinn24

    Great unbiased, non anti Man City post there. For the record, Ireland, M Richards and S W Phillips came from our youth team and N Onuoah and Weiss are key squad players. Find another club’s youth policy to beliitle because City’s is far from poor. Idiot!!!

  • patrick

    Another bitter Sky “big four” a**e licking journo.

  • Rob Parker

    Read it again, mickyfinn.

    I namechecked most of the players you do. My point was that City were already building a decent side around their academy graduates before Abu Dhabi United came on the scene. My (tongue-in-cheek) point was that they have spent all that money with a view to getting back to square one.

  • Doug

    You’re not bitter are you! Laughable.

  • mickyfinn24

    My point is that City were never going to aseemble a silverware winning team through our youth academy alone, despite the fact it’s impressive. You need to add class through the transfer market to complement the home grown youth academy talent. Your article is just another example of a swipe at City. For example the mercenary, money grabber remark. By re-investing in our academy we’re ensuring that more Irelands, Richards, Weiss etc keep on coming through the ranks. Your article is pointless. As you say you mention Richards etc but then criticise City implying we’re pushing them out. Admit you’re anti City and you’re crappy sarcastic article is just a weak attempt to insult us.

  • http://none neilspooner

    This is just getting rediculous.I would respect you so much more if you had something real to say and if you got your facts about city right before going to press

  • Rob Parker

    It doesn’t work in practice though. You’ve adopted the Chelsea business plan and they said the same thing about beginning to rely on youth. How many academy players have come into the Chelsea side in recent years?

    If you want instant and sustained silverware then you have to spend and keep spending (like Chelsea have had to). City showed signs of building a good team built around youth under Sven before it went a bit pear-shaped.

    So if you want instant silverware, buy quality. But I think it is deluded to make the comments Cook has. City will have to continue to spend to keep up.

  • Alphie Izzet

    Just a bit of snide with no merit at all. What arrogance to claim to be the best football blog on the planet!
    Yes I did see the exclamation mark and before you claim it’s ‘tongue in cheek’ and accuse me of being thick.
    I’ll not be bothering with your blog again.

  • ian lowe

    Where does Cook say we won’t be spending any money?

    His comment was ““We will not be signing players to the extent we have done in the past year. Our academy will be the focus for the next 12 months.” , not to the extent we have in the past year being the operative words in that statement.

    The youth academy will continue to produce first team players of the quality it has for the last 10 years or so but, make no mistake, if we are in the top 4 at Christmas and, Hughes wants a player or 2 or, a world class player becomes available, we’ll be in for him.

  • Mic

    I agree with the post, Parker is right and I can’t believe people have taken offense, City had a good academy, where players developed and developed well because they were given a good load of playing time, now all that hard work has been undone because they won’t get the same playing time they were used to, especially any of the youth strikers simply because Tevez, Adebayor, Cruz, Bellemy, Robinho are miles in front of the queue than anyone else.

  • Usama Waheed

    Wow, the people you get here sometimes..

  • Omega Izzet

    Indeed Wow Usama.
    Very profound!!

  • Paul (No1Fan)

    Always good to hear that young players are coming through. The proof will be in the pudding

  • DCDJ

    Ruddy hell, lighten up you lot…most of you seem to be on a crusade to demonstrate that City fans can dish it out, but can’t take it! It’s just a bit of fun, stop being so touchy!

    It’s not even as if your team’s doing shit, either.

  • alex d

    i dont know why city fans get so defensive, you dont see chelsea fans freaking out when they call it the clash of the cash against city. i think city fans are just jumping at the bit that their team is successful for the first time in a while and they’re chomping at the bit for attention!

  • dar

    But the thing is city aren’t successful are they?