Matt Le Tissier admits planning betting scam

Posted by - September 3, 2009 - Oddballs

Saint turns sinner

Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier has confessed he hatched a plan to cheat bookies out of £10,000 during his playing days. The Sky Sports pundit got his mates to place bets on the first throw-in of a 1995 Premier League match coming within 60 seconds.

Le Tissier planned to get the ball straight from the kick-off in Southampton’s match against Wimbledon and boot it into touch to ensure that his mates cleaned up.

But things didn’t go quite to plan as Le Tiss buckled under the pressure.

In his book Taking Le Tiss, he confessed: “I went to hit it out towards Neil Shipperley but I was nervous and didn’t give it quite enough welly. Shipperley knew nothing about the bet and kept it in. I’ve never run so much in my life. I charged around desperately trying to kick the ball out. Eventually I got it out on 70 seconds. It meant the bet was neither won nor lost.”

The FA has said it will not take action against Le Tissier as he is no longer involved in the game.

  • http://na Miss Anne Thrope

    So, Le Tissier wasn’t accurate enough to concede a throw in? Shameful stuff from the lazy-eyed assassin. Aside from this bad publicity, I’ve developed an irrational dislike for the man. Whenever he covers Liverpool games on Soccer Saturday with the rest of those insidious cretins, I swear he takes relish whenever things go horribly wrong for Rafa and co. Unfortunately this season has given him ample opportunity for his unique brand of smug voodoo to take effect.