Photo of Craig Bellamy landing a punch on the kisser of a Manchester United fan

Posted by - September 20, 2009 - Manchester City, Manchester United

Shy, reserved Welshman reveals hidden violent streak

The pulsating Manchester derby is in danger of being overshadowed by this photograph, which appears to show Manchester City striker Craig Bellamy landing a punch on a Manchester United fan who is being restrained by stewards.

Normally we would not associate such a classless act with Bellamy, but the photo has caused us to question our instincts.

City boss Mark Hughes called for Bellamy to be given national hero status following the incident. He said: “I did not see it but the guy should not have been on the pitch. That is not acceptable. Brian Clough clipped someone’s ear. He was lauded a national hero. Maybe it’ll be the same with Craig but I doubt it.”

You can now watch a video of the incident by clicking here.

  • nffc

    Clough was charged fir his actions and apologised in person to both fans in question, hardly declared a hero.

    Hughes should engage his brain before having the nerve to
    compare his overpaid primadonna to Sir Brian.

    He should also lean to control his players. First Adebayor, now this.

  • CJB

    Oh, please.

    This is just something brought forward by the man.utd. supporters to try and overshadow the fact that Martin Taylor beat City today and not man.utd.

    Those 6 minutes of stoppage time were unacceptable, as Bellamy’s celebration was only 45 seconds and the substitution was not even 20.

    Screw the FA.

  • from Fiji

    CJB….i guess then u guys forgot to buy referees during your spending spree….cos didnt you guys just do that, bought players to win EPL

    FYI referees dont win you games its sheer determination to do so, unfortunaletly u wouldnt know that

  • Tom

    CJB – from goal to ko was 1.06 minutes and it is a set 30 secondsadded for each substitution. Now do the maths and you’ll see when Owen scored there were 8 seconds left and that’s a fact.

  • farez

    small team a small mentality…plain stupidity..

  • Dave

    Ok so yoonited won under a dodgy decision/timekeeping, what made me laugh is Bacon face’s reaction when yoonited did win…..he didn’t get that excited when yoonited won the Champions league and I thought City are just a small club that he didn’t even worry about, get real Fergie, were still coming for you it’s only a matter of time tick tock tick tock!

  • alex d

    hah are city fans really questioning the stoppage? whether it ran over a minute or two, doesn’t mean that your defense just decides to take a nap. the stoppage time may have been longer than originally anticipated, but you play until the whistle, and city has forgotten that.

  • blind freddie

    i’m very disappointed in you Craig,”not good enough”,
    you should have booted him right up the “Jacksy”,
    back to his seat in the stands.

  • bigbri
  • Mohamed S.

    eh, that dude probably deserved it. 😛

  • Gary

    hahaha Citeh still has no class and no std ! till you match our illustirous history and trophies which is mayb nvr stay dead already

  • Stu

    The bloke should never have been on the pitch, but that doesn’t excuse Bellamy’s behaviour. I think it’s fair to say the guy is an absolute tit.

    There’s a lesson in this match for Hughes and his team to learn – instead of castigating the fourth official and pointing to his watch, Hughes should have kept his team focused and told them to keep playing until the referee’s whistle. Both teams had to play out that time. Don’t forget that.

  • Craig

    ok. you have fourth officals time to be added. then goals and subs. but the fourth officals time is requested and then the referee can add on anything at his own discression. city played well at times but overall untied really gave them a lesson. and a man who is nearly 36 dictated the whole show. you can have all the players you want in the world but knowing how to win is a different thing altogether

  • Fizbomb

    Would have loved to see the reaction if city would have scored to make it 4-3 what would fergie said then or you utd fans?? You united fans make me sick to my stomach.

  • Terry

    I am a Celtic fan and from a neutral point of view, What a fantastic game.

  • Marley

    Bellamy is a coward as is anyone who punches someone that clearly can’t fight back. Brian Clough was surrounded by hundreds of unrestrained pitch invaders.

  • Eddie in Liverpool

    Any man who assaults a Manchester United Fan is a national hero in my eyes. Well done Bellamy.

  • Craig

    city fans. give up the whole what ifs its the biggest excuse used. its sickening and petty. you didnt win. live with it

  • DON C

    Yesterday derbies were very exciting. Mark Hughes was fumming for the extra time given, shouldn’t he be concerned that without some world class saves from Given that his espensively assembled defensive were shambolic. They gave Owen the whole space in the world to score in the injury time.
    Its petty blaming the ref for their loss when he should be looking at his defense for an explantion for woefull defending.
    Another dramma at Stamford Brige.Arry is furious with the ref for not awarding the penalty which to be fair was a clear penalty. Chelsea were luck at times but that did not mean that the second half of the game was even. Cheslea by their second half performance deserve to win.
    Harry has been applauded for his good buys in the summer but i think that spent so much buying srikers when he knew quite well that three of his defenders are seriously prone to injury. Now lets see what happens next.

  • Emigre

    What a fantastic football match it was. It had everything, even punches thrown..
    Huges cannot whine about added time at all.
    First, Bellamy’s celebration = +1 Minute
    Then substitution = +30 seconds..
    Owen scored just in time, blame your shady defense not ref.
    Perhaps Huges should evaluate his own decision making. Once Valencia came on,Citeh became defensive and invited United’s pressure.

  • Adebayor

    this is unacceptable

  • kathmcp

    Is everyone forgetting that there were two teams on the pitch for the added time? City could also have used the time to score and win. They didn’t. If I was a City fan I’d be asking why they took their foot off the gas and gave it up, not slamming the ref.

  • Rob

    got to agree with kathmcp, the extra time applies to both teams…you can’t buy class either city

  • Craig Bellamy

    Where’s my neck.