Rumour: Sol Campbell could be on his way back to Tottenham

Posted by - September 23, 2009 - League Two, Tottenham, Transfer News and Gossip

Is Judas returning to, erm, Jesus?

Have stranger things happened? This time I am unsure. Former England centre half Sol Campbell caused more than a few headlines earlier this season when he agreed to join Sven Goran Eriksson’s mega-rich Notts County. But after just one rather disappointing appearance in the 2-1 defeat at Morecambe, Campbell could be already finished with League Two football.

Apparently disappointed with his team-mates’ showing during the defeat, the ex-Arsenal, Tottenham and Portsmouth man has already seen enough.

The move itself was sensational; a player of Campbell’s stature playing in the bottom tier of the Football League is virtually unheard of, not to mention the alleged £40,000 per week wages. So, what has caused the Sol-Man’s turnaround? In any situation like this, the rumour mill goes into instant overdrive, and this time it could be even more sensational than his move to Meadow Lane.

Word has it that Harry Redknapp is trying to lure his former Portsmouth defender back to White Hart Lane. Despite being quoted earlier in the season as saying he would be unwilling to bring Campbell back to Spurs, mainly due to the controversy surrounding his move to arch rivals Arsenal, the Tottenham boss is still a big admirer. He described Campbell as being among “the top six central defenders in the Premier League”, going on to state that he’s “still a fantastic player”.

Spurs had started the season in great form, but back-to-back defeats to Manchester United and Chelsea have knocked the gloss off a tad, and are currently in the midst of a defensive crisis. Long-term injuries to Jonathan Woodgate and Michael Dawson have prevented them taking any part so far this season. To rub salt in the wound, Sunday’s London derby saw both Sebastien Bassong and the perennially crocked Ledley King withdrawn with injuries, leaving the North London club with virtually no genuine centre-halves to choose from.

The big question is, how would Spurs fans react to a return of their ‘turncoat’ former captain? Every visit to White Hart Lane has provided a very hostile response from the home fans. Abuse at last season’s match against Portsmouth led to arrests, and this was over seven years on from the infamous move to the Gunners.

Although only a rumour at the moment, this move could set even more tongues wagging in what is turning out to be a magnificently controversial season so far, and its only late September!

  • Harry’s right hand

    Ridiculous. Will never, ever happen.

  • Iain

    I’d ratherwe lost every match until our centre backs are fit again than have him back.

    Will never happen.

  • pompeyfan

    it may be coinsidence, but all charges have now been dropped on charged fans


    As a backup centre-back in a time of crisis, I expect Campbell could do the job expected of him, but nothing more.

  • Joe

    Bear in mind a CL spot is still a possibility for Spurs…perhaps the hatchet could be buried in an effort to acheive that?? I suppose I don’t get what the big deal is, in this day and age players are mercenaries, being betrayed should almost be expected.

  • Martin

    ‘A CL spot is still a possibility for Spurs’ Are you kidding?!?! You have more chance of getting turd from a rocking horse than a CL place. A couple of wins and you think you’re Real Madrid!

  • craigrobert

    No need for blaspheme in your titles me old mucka.

  • Joe

    Martin…firstly, I’m a Chelsea fan so I get a CL place every year, thanks.

    Secondly, I said it is POSSIBLE. If they got some defensive cover now and a new face or two in January it IS possible.

    Third, if you’re ready to condemn sides after 6 games why not just flip a coin for the prem now and save a lot of bother, heads United, tails Chelsea, if it lands on the edge, Liverpool.

  • David Galbraith

    Good man Joe,

  • Dave Hannighan

    I don’t quite know how to make a comment as I find it hard to say his name, never mind write it down!!! but this just sums the scumbag up for what he is………………a GREEEEDY b*stard. On a more positive note, one of THFC’s biggest supporters on a commercial level has set up a new sports based social networking website called, it’s not supposed to be out yet (but it is) and is still in beta mode but he is hoping that it will take off and be big in order for him to get the naming rights for the new stadium which he is going to bid for on a provisional 5 year contract and name it………………………………………wait for it…………WHITE HART LANE