Sepp Blatter admits he is a diving cheat

Posted by - September 30, 2009 - Oddballs

FIFA president gets his kicks from a bit of simulation

Normally, a headline like this on OTP would be a twisted quote or a piece of cutting edge satire. Not this time. This is 100 per cent the truth. Blatter has admitted that he used to go over looking for fouls, and that he still does (though we are not convinced there is much call for it in his current line of work – perhaps he means like in the video above).

He said: “I know myself, I was always a striker. But it’s 50 years ago now – but I’m still a little bit of a striker. We tried to dribble, but when we could not go through and someone put his foot there, what do you do?

“You do a little bit more than you should have done. Is this so terrible? I don’t think so. At least it’s not so terrible that we should intervene after a match.

“The disciplinary committee should not intervene on that. They should intervene on violent play.”

Blatter was arguing that the recent crackdown on diving has been extreme in comparison to the sanctions handed out for dangerous or violent fouls.

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    I’d say that about figures. Fall on a spike please.