Steven Taylor’s X-Factor goal celebration reaction to white teeth jibe

Posted by - September 21, 2009 - Championship, Lookalikes, Newcastle United

Newcastle defender hits out at yellow-toothed coaching staff

Steven Taylor has revealed his X-Factor goal celebration after scoring against Plymouth on Saturday was in response to suggestions that he has had his teeth whitened like Simon Cowell. Newcastle’s coaching staff have been spreading rumours that Taylor had opted for similar dental treatment to the X-Factor judge.

He said: “I’ve been getting stick about my teeth from the lads. They’ve been calling me Simon Cowell, telling me I’ve had them chemically whitened. So I gave it the X-Factor sign when I scored.

“I was going to hitch the shorts up to my nipples. I thought that would have been a good celebration, but the fans would have thought, ‘What the hell’s he doing?'”

Taylor also took the opportunity to take a dig at the dental hygiene of the Magpies’ coaching staff. He added: “Honestly, I’ve not had them whitened. It’s just Colgate. What you find is the coaches drink a lot of coffee, that’s why they’ve got yellow teeth.”

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