The highs and lows of being a football fan: 45 seconds with Luton Town

Posted by - September 11, 2009 - Football videos

One of those ‘why do I put myself through this?’ moments

As far as the emotional rollercoaster of being a football fan goes, Luton Town fans have had their fair share of rides over the last few years. The Hatters’ match against Oxford United on Tuesday night gave a neat little 45-second synopsis of this.

The video begins with an Oxford United penalty, which is saved. Cue pandemonium in the Luton support. The ball is hoofed around midfield a bit before breaking for an Oxford player on the wing. There’s just time for a quick post-penalty celebratory chant of ‘Who are ya?’ before the ball is crossed into the box and tapped in for a soft goal.

Thanks to serial tipster Matt Fairgrieve for the spot.

  • Matt Fairgrieve

    Can’t take all the credit for this one..
    My mate Mally sent me the youtube link and obviously some poor poor Luton fan who took the video 😛