Top 10 conclusions: England 5-1 Croatia

Posted by - September 9, 2009 - Conclusions, England, International, Lists

1. What a disappointment. Where was the nailbiting last gasp qualification securing goal/hard fought 0-0? Two games to spare? Give us a break, Capello.

2. Only kidding! We’re going to South Africa. And what an emphatic way to make sure.

3. Composed passing play, coherent attacking play, neat angles and positioning. Bilic was right: we have lost our Englishness!

4. “I definitely fink England will qualify for Sarf Africa.” So spake Harry Redknapp on the pre-match advert for The Sun with the apparently non-ironic tagline ‘Big Opinions’!

5. Aaron Lennon can cross a football if he really puts his mind to it.

6. That is why I argued that Jermain Defoe should start from the bench, despite his good form. If the opposition drop deep or if the ball is bogged down in midfield, I’m not convinced Rooney and Defoe work as a partnership.

7. Clivie T is getting down with the kids. His “Feisty one, you are” towards Aaron Lennon is surely the first Inbetweeners reference to creep into a football commentary.

8. That was a clanger of Enckelman proportions from Croatia keeper Runje.

9. Gerrard and Lampard can play together. You just have to keep chipping balls into the box and let them head them in!

10. Good to hear the England players playing down World Cup-winning prospects. Hopefully they will continue to keep this in perspective.

  • cheese

    Was waiting for Clive to shout ‘BUS WANKERS!’

  • Raph88

    or clunge.