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Top five Manchester United injury time incidents

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  • Dan

    Nice article but O Shea’s wasn’t a header from a Scholes free kick, it was a Ronaldo free-kick that was fumbled and O Shea swept it home from 2 yards. See:

  • http://none Fran

    1. The Sheffield Wednesday game the Ref went down injured for over 5 mins and had to be replaced. The fact is that there should have been 13mis Injury time played because there was alsoa long injury to carlton Palmer in that 2nd half.
    2. Machada scored on 92 mins and the Ref had indicated a minimum of 4mins injury time.

    3. In 1999 Utd scored well within the time the ref added on.

    Whats the poin of this article….Surly both teams can score until the ref has blown the whistle. City scored in Injury time yesterday too you know. Should the ref have just blown then. When he said he would add 4mins? Should he have let the watch run when Bellamey was punching the camara and making jestures to the Utd fans. Get a life and stop looking for somthing that simply is not there!

  • sam mwangi

    so many wrong facts. macheda was 17 nt 19ys

  • Rob Parker

    Thanks, Dan.