Top five most fitting punishments for Emmanuel Adebayor

Posted by - September 14, 2009 - Arsenal, Lists, Manchester City

Forget boring three-match bans, what’s the best action to take against Emmanuel Adebayor?

1. Ceremonial face-raking by Anders Limpar before kick-off in City’s next match.

2. Twenty eye-bulging full-pitch sprints complete with a pelting of pies at each turn.

3. Enforced Robin Van Persie quiff hairdo for 12 months.

4. Two months’ pay reduced to his Arsenal rate.

5. Instead of a three-match ban, a three-match Arsenal season ticket. Force him to sit with the Gunners fans. Even if they didn’t turn on him, being forced to sit in silence for that long is punishment enough.

Any other Ade-bylaws you would like to create? (Oh and just out of curiosity, had someone sneaked a plastic footstool into the ground or were photographers throwing things at him?!)

  • Gregoir

    force him never to make another video about why not to kick footballs around the house or telling people about his day after training

  • Will

    Make them swap positions. Lock him in the stadium, with a few hundred angry gunners fans on the field and him in the front row. If he is still alive 6 hours later, punishment is over.

  • Phil

    Far too many posibilities to mention. The RVP quiff would certainly be interesting!