Top five Wayne ‘I would never dive’ Rooney dives

Posted by - September 4, 2009 - Football videos, Lists, Manchester United

More of the best from Honest Wayne

1. v Arsenal

2. v Blackburn

3. v Tottenham

4. v Villarreal
We can’t find video evidence for this one at the present, but we trust you will take the word of a Knight of the Realm. Sir Alex said: “He apologised to me and said he didn’t mean to do that. I think he’s been watching Robert Pires too much. At least he apologised to their players. You’d never see Pires do that.”

If you find the video, please let us know.

5. v Chelsea

Any further evidence you would like to offer up?

  • Garreth

    4 – it’s at the end of this clip:

  • Bojan

    TalkSport ran a poll to see who the Premiership’s all-time biggest diver was.

    Jürgen Klinsmann – 35%
    Steven Gerrard – 29%
    Didier Drogba – 18%
    Cristiano Ronaldo -12%
    David Ginola – 6%

    Wayne ‘I would never dive’ Rooney is nowhere near in ze list. Facht!

  • Usama Waheed

    Wayne isn’t a “biggest” diver. Just part-time, when the situation requires so.

  • Joe

    Rooney isn’t a serial diver on the level of Ronaldo or Drogba. However, he was the one stupid enough to come out and say he NEVER dives when he clearly does. The one instance I might add is the penalty he drew against Arsenal which eventually ended their 49 game unbeaten run.

  • Mic

    He does dive, i’m a United fan and I know he’s done it in the past, though the Arsenal one isn’t a dive I don’t think though it’s open to debate, I think he’s matured since his old diving days ‘cuz he hasn’t done it in ages, he’s an idiot to say he doesn’t dive, that’s Gerrard the hypocrites job!

  • Reds69

    A TalkSport poll is a FACT? LOLOL! Fantastic argument, small sir.

    Rooney isn’t a serial diver, just as Steven Gerrard isn’t a serial diver, but they both do it. To argue otherwise is idiocy. And for Rooney to say that he doesn’t makes him look like a muppet.

  • Chris

    It is better than kicking the goalie in the head and he would have been taken down anyway.

  • Green Blog

    Ahhh the great Rooonaldo! He’s an expert diver that’s for sure, I wonder if he has any Italian relatives?

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  • Musa Zubairu

    Wayne Rooney should learn to play football and stop diving. It seems like he has to think about it before doing a dive. It is obvious that he can not play football and must therefore seek other opportunities

  • Joe

    Mic: I’d say it’s debatable whether the Arsenal penalty was a legitimate one. But I didn’t mind seeing Arsenal lose that match so I won’t complain.

    I will say this for Rooney, I think he goes down under minimal contact rather than out and out diving. He’s not one of these who goes down and there’s nobody within 5 feet of him. There’s always a LITTLE contact, nothing that should knock a solid fellow like him down, but something.

    I honestly think he’s a good enough player to get by without that sort of crap, and until recently, I admired him as someone who didn’t go to ground too easily.

  • Ash

    36 seconds into that clip is the villarreal dive

    and i think its unfair to say that first arsenal video as a dive because it wasn’t he just went down easily when the opportunity arose.

    this arsenal dive however in 2004 is brilliant and ended the invincibles unbeaten run

  • Ash

    the videos didnt embed so for the 1st video i referred to heres the link

    and heres the link to the second

  • wllmhll

    anyone noticed that drogba isnt much of a diver nowadays?

  • Beastista

    @JOE: Spot me the contact on the dive tat broke the arsenal record….

  • INTER291103

    Rob, I think you have to change this list from “Top 5” to “Top 6” after Wayne Rooney’s dive against Slovenia. Poor Cesar!

    Oh, and “he would never die” 😛

  • INTER291103

    Ops I meant dive 😛

  • Петр

    Да, таких интересных блогов я еще не видел! Этот блог даст фору многим сайтам ( по содержанию и не только)! Шесть баллов!

  • Wayne Rooney

    He always tries to stay on his feet if you ask me – the videos shown just show him when hes running at full speed and gets knocked (a bit like when Ronaldo used to be pushed when at full speed.) He isn’t a diver, and has the mad english bulldog spirit that keeps him on his feet even when people bigger and stronger than him (ie Drogba) go to ground.