Video evidence of Wayne ‘I would never dive’ Rooney diving to get a penalty

Posted by - September 4, 2009 - Football videos, Manchester United

Wazza’s memory loss

Today’s papers are filled with quotes of Wayne Rooney proclaiming his honesty as a player and saying he would never dive to win a penalty.

Rooney said: “I have never intentionally tried to dive, there have been times when I have tried to stay on my feet and tried to get the shot off rather than going down. I have never intentionally dived.”

But in the video above diving to win a penalty is precisely the offence he is booked for…

  • englandsnumber6

    On sky sports yesterday old mullet head gerry francis said he does not or had ever condoned diving to any of his players while a manager, but in the same breath, said he has told players if they get touched in the box any contcact then its ok to go down and win a penalty. So there we have it an honest idiot, same as most managers, they all condone cheating, Rooney is a cheat because AF tells him its ok to dive, same as defoe eduardo berbatov ronaldo….. I blame Klinsman

  • Junaid Sadiq Masood

    Sure he’s pretty thick claiming that he never “intentionally dives”, but to be fair to him, he doesn’t go down as easily as most players and does try to get the shot away.