Video: Outrageous handball goal from Brazil

Posted by - September 22, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs, South America

Making Maradona look like a saint

This action comes from the Brazilian second division match between Ceara and Parana. Parana’s Wellington Silva is desperate to get on the end of a speedy cross, so he stuck out his arm and knocked the ball into the net.

To the surprise of everyone in the stadium except referee Charles Hebert, the goal was awarded. Even lineswoman Ticiana Falcão was flagging for the goal to be disallowed, but Hebert overruled her. Ceara were understandably furious and, in good old South American fashion, it wasn’t too long before it all kicked off.

Hebert has been relieved of refereeing duties for the rest of the season.

  • Rob

    I reckon the ref was checking out the lineswoman

  • kiki

    god hand?

  • wykell

    In unrelated news, MLS have just announced the hiring of one more full time referee, a Mr. Charles Hebert has just been chosen to officiate at least two matches a weekend for 5 seasons, with clauses in his contract that prevent him from ever being suspended or fired.

  • lila

    lol.. arsenal have signed him apparently.

  • George

    this is not the Wellingt silva arsenal! arsenal of plays for Fluminense and has 16 years!
    I’m a fan of the Fluminense team that wellington silva arsenal play, in Brazil it is indicated as the new Ronaldo! I think that one day he will be the best player in the world

  • ryaruba

    When your good ur good ,dont need to resort to something that low.Fabiano should have gotten a red card fot that and not kaka