Video: Sir Alex Ferguson’s dance celebration against Manchester City

Posted by - September 21, 2009 - Football videos, GIF It, Manchester City, Manchester United, Oddballs

Fergie invents the Kangaroo Skank

All the cool kids are doing the Kangaroo Skank, folks. Well, Gary Neville is trying but he lacks Fergie’s experience. Give him time and he will be busting moves just like his uber-cool manager.

Ferguson does have a track record of dodgy pitchside dances, but we think this might just be the best so far.

Don’t forget to do the Kangaroo Skank on your way to lunch.

  • http://Bluemoon Robinhosthumb!

    What a complete and total C@* SUCKING ALCOHOLIC BACONFACED BARSTEWARD and as for the RUNT! of the chucklebrother family F@*K OFF! you ugly T*@T!we’ll see you soon.

  • omg

    Hilarious at the comment above ^ and at the “dance”

  • Johnno

    And there’s sir alex saying the game means nothing to him and city are a small club, don’t think so buddy.

  • Leon Hawkins

    I bet that Addams Family tw@t wont get banned

  • Johnno

    I hope he dosent get banned in fact i hope he plays at Eastlands in the return match. Feed the Goat eh Gaz.