Alex Ferguson: Ref Alan Wiley is not fit for the job

Posted by - October 5, 2009 - Manchester United, Sunderland

Fergie calls referee’s stamina into question

Despite Manchester United being thrown yet another injury time lifeline, it seems Sir Alex Ferguson is still not happy.

An added 4mins 32secs was not enough in Fergie’s opinion and he has hit out at referee Alan Wiley for not allowing enough extra time at the end of his team’s 2-2 draw with Sunderland.

He said: “He didn’t take into account the time that should have been added for the goals in the second half. And as far as I’m concerned, he was happy that the game didn’t go on much longer because he was not fit enough.

“It took him at least 30 seconds every time he booked a player and I think that is because he wanted to take a rest – but he didn’t add on that time. It’s an indictment on our game that this referee was not fit enough, especially when you look around and see others who are as fit as butchers’ dogs.”

Some interesting match analysis there Sir Alex… So for future reference references, enough injury time to score is just not good enough. It has to be enough injury time to win the match.

  • Joe

    United were lucky to get a point. I’ve never seen them play that badly. They kept knocking sloppy balls right to S’land at midfield. I think they’ve been a little spoiled in the past as Ronaldo wouldn’ve opened Sunderland up and rolled some tasty balls across the box to be tapped in. In fairness, they have some injuries, but if SAF wants to blame anyone it should be his own players.