America, where football players have to get naked to get noticed

Posted by - October 8, 2009 - MLS & US

DC United get their kit off

We can’t really imagine this getting past too many Premier League PR teams but in the cut-throat world of American sportainment, footballers will quite literally jump at the chance to bare all for ESPN magazine.

In a quote that sounds like it has come straight from his last therapy session, Ben Olsen said: “You always have that bad dream, where you’re naked on the soccer field, you know? I’ve had it before, for sure. You forget your uniform, you’re out there, and it just somehow came true during a photo shoot. It was pretty trippy.”

We’ll say. Could it be any, erm, trippier?

Team-mate Santino Quaranta added: “It was awkward. They were like ‘Jump, all right jump, jump.’ We just kept jumping. Naked. In RFK.”

Spotted on DC Sports Blog