Cristiano Ronaldo fancies himself as a military general

Posted by - October 14, 2009 - International

Crocked Real Madrid star’s pompous message of support to Portugal squad

We know that arrogance isn’t usually a trait you would associate with Cristiano Ronaldo but it seems his big head has got the better of him on this occasion. The self-appointed king/saviour/general of the Portuguese people/national team has felt the need to release a statement ahead of Portugal’s World Cup qualifier against Malta tonight.

The statement reads like a memo from a First World War general who would ruddy well love to go over the top with all you chaps but unfortunately has some pressing paperwork to deal with. Read it in full after the jump.

The statement read: “I wished with all my heart to fight for Portugal with you all, but as you know an untimely injury prevents me from doing so [he has been advised to rest his ankle].

“Your great challenge for this evening is to play a great game to take us to the South Africa World Cup; mine is to recover as soon as possible to help my team, Real Madrid, and our national team to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

“I have to fight to recover because I believe that’s the best thing I can do to help the national team whenever it needs me. I want you to know that my heart will be with you in every minute of tonight’s game and that I will be proud of your efforts, just like everyone else in Portugal will be.

“I wish you all the best.”

  • anton1r

    What a big head. I’m sure his team mates will survive without him and if they can’t beat Malta at home and to qualify for a WC without him then should they really be at the WC?

    I’m pretty sure Portugal will be alright as long as they don’t try to use that useless fart Nani to replace him like Man Utd have done… i mean it’s not really working for united is it!!


    being a man citeh fan my feelings for “CR7 / CR9” aren’t the warmest, especially when he was generally causing havoc for our defence.

    however, in this case, i think his press release reads pretty decently.

    give him a break.

  • Ryan

    Agree with FOCKS.

    I don’t particularly like Ronaldo (in fact, when he was at United I believe I hated him), but I don’t see the issue with this release. Where’s the obnoxious narcissism?

  • shay

    I would imagine this was released in order to keep the press from reporting a rift between himself and Real Madrid for not allowing him to go to the game as it was reported he promised Carlos Querioz he would do. I don’t think there is anything in there that is arrogant, more like apologetic. And I heard a press confernce just yesterday where Nuno Gomes discussed how imporant his is to his team. No matter what you think of him, as a player he adds a lot to any team when he is on the field.

  • Ike

    Not a bad goal for a ‘useless fart’

  • kitya mark

    thank you ike

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