Didier Drogba nicknamed Marshal Tito by his mum!

Posted by - October 7, 2009 - Chelsea

Ivorian striker given Yugoslav nickname

Chelsea star Didier Drogba’s mum has revealed she nicknamed him Tito as a child after Yugoslavia’s communist leader Marshall Tito. The Ivory Coast international was given the name in the hope he would take on some of Tito’s determination.

Mum Clotilde said: “When I was pregnant with Didier there was this general who was the leader of Yugoslavia, Marshal Tito, that I appreciated a lot for his values and perseverance. I loved him a lot because of his fighting spirit and that’s why we called Didier Tito.”

It has been a week for childhood nicknames on OTP. Yesterday we discovered that Wayne Rooney is still known as Jimmy to his close friends and family.

  • Philando Torres

    I wonder if she knows that Tito was a massive arsehole?

  • davis

    u r just hating, r u a chelsea hater or a drogba hater, go to hell

  • Philando Torres

    Haha. Nice one Davis. I’m actually a ‘hater’ of genocidal maniacs. But yeah, Drogba’s a fucking tit aswell.

  • http://sddsfs Derls

    I wonder if she knew Tito had his left leg amputated…..

  • vaha-bosna

    Poklonio bih mu mami ili didieru nešto vezano za Tita

  • Leon Lentic

    Tito was no genocidal maniac you silly cunt, your the massive arsehole, maybe you should educate yourself seeing that he was one of the great leaders of the 20th century, in more ways than one

  • http://neretva-riverinperil.blogspot.com/ Santa

    Tito is legend !